The Real Housewives of Amsterdam announced– Here is the cast

The Real Housewives of Amsterdam.
The latest international Housewives is The Real Housewives of Amsterdam. Pic credit: Videoland

Move over Dubai, there is a new city coming to the Housewives franchise: Amsterdam.

A social media page for Videoland released photos of the new seven Housewives in The Netherlands capital.

The latest franchise features a diverse group of girls, and even a bright-haired Housewife.

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The promotional photo, released this week, featured the lucky ladies in pink and rose gold hues as they walked on a square in Amsterdam. Videoland also released the names of the wives, so fans can do some sleuthing and learn about each cast-member. Other international Housewives franchises include The Real Housewives of Cheshire, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and The Real Housewives of Cape Town.

The Real Housewives of Amsterdam announced and coming this Fall

The cast for The Real Housewives of Amsterdam has been released, and the ladies look interesting. Videoland, a Dutch network that specializes in online content, shared a photo of the ladies, and included their names in the caption.

The post said that the ladies would come to screens this Fall.

The caption, posted in Dutch, but translated for this article, read, “Oh yes! May we introduce you to The Real Housewives of Amsterdam: Cherry-Ann Person, Djamila Celina, Hella Huizinga, Kimmylien Nguyen, Maria Tailor, Sheila Bergeik and Susanna Klibansky. Dive into their glamorous life full of drama this fall!”

The Real Housewives of Amsterdam cast revealed

The social media pages of the cast reveal a bit of information about each of the seven ladies.

Cherry-Ann Person is the partner of Ronald Kahn, a Dutch entrepreneur. Her Instagram says she is an investor who is expecting a child with Ronald.

Kimmylien Nguyen is an entrepreneur and the founder of Universal Nails Amsterdam, Miss Hot Pot, a traditional Vietnamese store, and a mother. 

Hella Huizinga is a respected event planner, who throws bar mitzvahs, weddings, and gender reveals. A quick look at her social media shows that she often travels the world.

Maria Tailor is the owner and creative director of her fashion brand, Maria Tailor. She has a son and a daughter, both of whom she posts on her social media.

Susanna Klibansky is a mover-and-shaker in the art industry as a gallery owner, dealer, and representative for her family business. She is another jetsetter with two daughters. 

Sheila Bergeik is the founder of a cupping company called Cupping Aesthetics, who does quite a bit of traveling, and poses in designer clothes.

Last but not least is Djamila Celina, a DJ, and self-proclaimed TikTok queen. She is also a beauty queen, who holds the title of Mrs. European Nations.

The Real Housewives of Amsterdam airs this fall.

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