The Other Way viewers are annoyed that Jenny tried to exploit a religion for a visa

Jenny Slatten wears glasses
The Other Way viewers called Jenny out for trying to exploit the Hare Krishna religion for a visa. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers felt annoyed that Jenny was attempting to become a Hare Krishna devotee to try and get the missionary visa but then backed out of the whole idea when she realized it wasn’t going to be easy.

Critics felt like she was trying to exploit an entire religion for her own benefit without thinking respectfully and clearly about the whole idea.

Disgruntled viewers voiced their opinions in a Reddit thread that dove into Jenny’s naivety and blind love for Sumit.

The Other Way viewers roast Jenny Slatten for her expolitiave attempt at a visa

When seeking advice from a Hare Krishna official, Jenny made it clear that she was trying to get a visa to stay in India and not necessarily trying to appreciate and understand the religion.

This rubbed viewers the wrong way and one critic started a Reddit thread about Jenny’s behavior. The subject of the thread read, “Anyone else annoyed Jenny is exploiting a religion to abuse their missionary visa policy to stay with her child husband?”

Reddit thread about Jenny Slatten
A Reddit thread dove into Jenny’s attempted visa abuse. Pic credit: @u/miserable-bag3578/Reddit.

More annoyed viewers roasted Jenny in the comments about her actions.

One person noted, “Did you notice the guy’s attitude toward her totally changed?”

Another added, “He was probably thinking ‘this woman is dumb enough to tell me her scam in our first meeting on camera’ (upsidedown smiley face).”

A user also called Jenny out, saying, “I don’t know wtf she thought a ‘missionary visa’ would entail?! I loved when the guy said ‘missionary is…a missionary.’ She was like oh, that means I’d actually have to do stuff?” 

Reddit comments on Jenny Slatten
Critics voiced their opinions on Jenny’s actions. Pic credit: @u/miserable-bag3578/Reddit.

Jenny Slatten’s options are limited for staying in India with Sumit Singh

Jenny only has two options left for staying in India: Leaving the country every six months to reset her visa or getting married to Sumit.

There are many viewers who think that Sumit is just trolling Jenny at this point and that he has no intention of ever marrying her.

Their last hope is to try and win over Sumit’s parents, something that they have tried to do unsuccessfully for years.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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