The Miz net worth 2021: How much is the Dancing with the Stars star worth and where did he get his wealth?

Miz and Maryse
Miz and Maryse. Pic credit: @mikethemiz/Instagram

This season’s Dancing with the Stars cast has a plethora of dancers from all corners of the world of celebrities.

This includes actors, athletes, social media icons, reality TV stars, and more.

One of the reality TV stars that is appearing this year on DWTS is WWE superstar The Miz.

Who is The Miz?

The Miz is a WWE superstar who is the second professional wrestler to join Dancing With the Stars.

Chris Jericho was a contestant before The Miz.

On top of WWE, where Miz is a two-time world champion, he also has reality TV experience, getting his start on The Real World and more recently starring with his wife Maryse on Miz & Mrs.

What is The Miz’s net worth?

Miz has been in the WWE for over a decade and has renewed his contract several times, as one of the company’s top media stars.

This has helped him build his net worth to an impressive amount.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The Miz is worth $14 million.

How did The Miz get his money?

The Miz got his start on reality television as a part of The Real World: Back to New York in 2001. He was only 20 when he appeared on the show.

After this, The Miz was a part of several seasons of The Challenge. He won $50,000 in Battle of the Seasons in 2002, $12,000 in The Gauntlet, $11,000 in The Inferno, and $57,500 in The Inferno II.

The Miz signed on with WWE after appearing on the fourth season of Tough Enough and joined the main WWE roster in 2006.

From WWE alone, Miz makes an average of $1.2 million a year. However, this does not include advertising and endorsements associated with WWE, nor does it include bonuses.

Miz has also appeared in movies, including several of The Marine movies, which adds to his total.

Miz and his wife also appear on the reality show Miz & Mrs, but it is not clear what they make from USA Network from that series.

The Miz and Maryse have also made money from real estate, and some of this played out on Miz & Mrs.

In 2017, they paid $2.35 million for a mansion in Austin, Texas. They sold it two years later for $2.64 million.

The couple moved back to California, where they bought a large mansion for $6.4 million.

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, at 8/7c on ABC.

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