The Masked Singer’s Penn & Teller reveal their costume was destroyed during unmasking

Penn and Teller on The Masked Singer
Penn and Teller on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

There have been some complex costumes created for this season of The Masked Singer.

Firefly had a battery pack on her waist to control the lighting. Cyclops had a working animatronic eye that moved around during the performance.

However, nothing was quite like Three-Headed Hydra, which not only had three heads, but all three moved around and they operated individually.

Sadly – as amazing as the costume was – when Penn & Teller unmasked as Three-Headed Hydra, the costume was destroyed.

Three-Headed Hydra costume destroyed on The Masked Singer

Three-Headed Hydra unmasked and proved to be Penn & Teller. Not only did the main panelists have no idea who was in the costume, but they didn’t know if there were two or three people in there.

The three heads threw almost everyone off, except for guest panelist Nicole Byer.

“We knew if we were two people, we wouldn’t fool anybody for very long. And we also knew that we couldn’t squeeze into a costume for one person,” Penn explained.

“So three seemed like a really good idea and the costume designers were brilliant and did a beautiful, beautiful job. And we thought being Hydra, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell, fit our personality very nicely.”

However, despite the beautiful costume, it was almost impossible to get the costume off them after the elimination and the stagehands had to destroy it to remove it on the stage.

“You didn’t see the stuff that was cut out. It wasn’t a difficult one-minute unmasking. It was about a 20-minute unmasking,” Penn explained.

“They had to destroy the costume to get us out, so it was much more tricky than that and very uncomfortable to come out of.”

However, Penn said that if anyone was going to be stuck in a costume, it was two magicians that have done several tricks in “tiny, uncomfortable, miserable, little compartments.”

Three-Headed Hydra on The Masked Singer

The only person who guessed their identity correctly was Nicole Byer, who was the week’s special guest panelist.

That shocked Penn.

“Yeah, I don’t know where she got that,” Penn said. “It was pretty good. We thought we’d be busted right away, so we did better than we expected. We were very happy with that one.”

However, Penn thought that it would be Ken Jeong who guessed Three-Headed Hydra’s identity.

“I knew a little bit about Ken. I knew that Ken liked us and Ken was the one I was worried about,” Penn said.

However, Ken thought it was the Three Amigos.

“Yeah. that’s good. If you’re going to be mistaken for someone, Martin Short and Steve Martin, two of the most talented people of our lifetime and friends of ours,” Penn said. “I was very flattered being mistaken for them.”

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesday nights at 8/7c.

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11 months ago

And this is news why? LOL

11 months ago

The three headed dog that guarkyded hell was Cerberus not hydra