The Kardashians viewers upset at Kris Jenner for deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner on the Hulu show

Kris Jenner faces some backlash after deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner.
Kris Jenner poses in a sheer dress. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kris Jenner, star of The Kardashians, recently made a big statement on the show.

Kris had a slight slip-up in her choice of wording while taking a stroll down memory lane. Kris made the mistake of deadnaming her ex and using a name that her ex no longer claims.

Kris referred to Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce

Kris took a stroll down memory lane with her boyfriend Corey, reminiscing about her younger years in New York.

Kris stated that she had walked the streets of New York over 45 years ago and discussed how she went off to flight attendant school. Kris was assigned to Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson as they had just flown in from Montreal. 

As Kris remembered meeting Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson, she also included that they were coming back from Montreal because they had just finished, “watching Bruce Jenner win the gold medal because OJ was doing the commentary.”

Some did not catch that Kris referred to Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce. However, there was quite a pause after Kris made her statement to the film crew, which left enough time for fans to dissect that Kris was deadnaming

Some fans were upset that Kris dead named Caitlyn; however, others were indifferent

Deadnaming is a term used to describe when someone refers to another as their prior name before transitioning. 

Some fans were distraught that Kris did not use Caitlyn’s proper name.

One fan commented, “uhhh, you think they’re are two different people? That was Caitlyn. She’s always been herself; we just didn’t know.” 

Some fans believe Caitlyn Jenner was never two different people.
Pic credit: @u/kkjalnc/Reddit

Although some fans did not like the idea of Kris deadnaming, there were quite a few trans individuals who commented on their feelings.

One fan commented, “so I, a trans person (he/they) well sometimes refer to my birthname and previous pronouns (she/her) when bringing up things I did before the year I came out. But only I can do that unless I am among family because 99.99% of them still think I am cis. I just do it to be funny tbh or to make things easier in certain conversations.”  

Some trans viewers state that they refer to themselves as their birth name in certain situations.
Pic credit: @u/imsleepy05/Reddit

Another fan commented, “As a trans person I think you should follow the wishes of what the trans person says. Some people are comfortable w the dead name being used. Although it’s the norm to essentially act as if trans ppls dead names don’t exist unless instructed otherwise. I think ppl get up in arms since they’re used to the norm and Caitlyn breaks that convention”

Some fans believe people should honor whatever name the trans individual wants to be called by.
Pic credit: @u/rusted17/Reddit

There were fans on opposing sides of the argument. However, this could have been a simple slip-up on Kris Jenner’s behalf rather than an intentional insult. 

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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