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The Kardashians react after Kim Kardashian’s sex tape brought up at Blac Chyna jury selection

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has come back to haunt the star again during jury selection for the Blac Chyna lawsuit. Pic credit: ©

The Kardashian-Jenner family and Blac Chyna are going through the beginning stages of a long battle of lawsuits. The court must go through potential jurors for jury selection as part of the trial.

On Monday, two groups of 76 potential jurors were asked questions to see if they could serve on the trial and be unbiased.

However, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has come back to haunt her once again. Nearly 20 years after the film was taped and 15 after it was leaked, the star can’t seem to get away from what some believe is the tape that started it all.

During the jury selection on Monday, a man in his 50s or 60s admitted that while he had no opinion on reality TV and hasn’t watched any of Keeping up with the Kardashians, he has seen Kim’s sex tape and admitted, “I don’t think I can be impartial on this case.”

Kardashians annoyed after sex tape mentioned during jury selection

Inside the courtroom, Page Six reports that other potential jurors immediately began laughing at the man’s comment. As expected, the Kar/Jenner family wasn’t as happy to hear the comment.

Sources report that Khloe seemed visibly annoyed and began playing with Kim’s hair, perhaps in an attempt to comfort her older sister after the comment was made.

The man didn’t stop there, though. He continued to inform the judge that he really didn’t think he could be a proper juror in this trial because he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from “replaying that sex tape over and over again” in his head during the trial.

Kris Jenner was seen shaking her head at the man’s second comment, but Kim kept her gaze to the front of the courtroom, not showing a public reaction.

However, this isn’t the first time Kim’s old sex tape has been brought up again. During their new show, Kim had to deal with claims about her sex tape in the first episode.

Kim Kardashian threatened to sue for sex tape ad

In the first episode of The Kardashians, Saint is seen playing on an iPad when he goes to show his mom something funny. Kim was immediately not impressed and took the iPad to show Khloe.

Apparently, Saint was playing Roblox, and there was an ad that featured Kim’s crying face meme, which is what Saint thought was funny. But the rest of the ad was more disturbing to Kim, as it claimed that there was new, unreleased footage of her sex tape that was going to be released.

Later in the episode, Kim can be seen calling Kanye and starting to cry, upset that the tape was still impacting her life 20 years later. However, the reality star pulled herself together, reminding herself that now they have the money to sue anyone with the footage and anyone making those false claims.

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Hulu.

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