The Hills New Beginnings, Season 2: A premiere peek!

The Hills New Beginnings Kristin Cavallari
Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari joins the cast of The Hills, New Beginnings, Season 2, premiering May 12 on MTV. Pic credit: ©

Hey all you Hills lovers! We are gearing up for another season of The Hills: New Beginnings, and I, for one, am excited!

Here is a quick look at what we can expect, as well as tidbits of where we’ve been, to catch us all up.

MTV teases that “all bets are off” this season. But whatever could that mean?!? Will Justin Bobby and Audrina wear matching fedoras and go to more concerts?! Will Kristin Cavallari and Brody rekindle?! Will Daddy Pratt put a magic spell on all of us with his Pratt Daddy Crystals?!? Oh the possibilities!

Our returning rich kids coming out of quarantine to relive their 20s are pretty much everyone BUT Lauren (“L.C.” if you’re nasty) Conrad. That means, our roster is as follows: Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Speidi, Jason Wahler, Stephanie Pratt, Frankie Delgado, Justin Bobby, and Whitney Port! And, yes, I said Jason Wahler and Frankie.

Don’t cry for me, L.C. – you were invited, but you chose not to join (and I’m not saying I blame you).

Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter – Your relationship with Miley Cyrus was ‘gnarly’ to me.

One topic we can definitely expect to see covered is the highly publicized divorce between Brody and Kaitlynn. Remember them? They had this beautiful Bali wedding in 2018 and split a year later? Their marriage appeared doomed from the start. Kaitlynn wanted babies, but Brody didn’t. Kaitlynn didn’t like Brody’s drinking, and Brody drank. Worst of all, they constantly had to defend their fragile marriage to everyone asking them about what went on behind closed doors … in the bedroom, no less.

Now, as we see in an exclusive clip, Brody and Kaitlynn are publicly talking about what led to their marital demise. It seems Brody didn’t know Kaitlynn was into chicks, and the moment he learned this was when she was making headlines with her (now former) girlfriend, Miley Cyrus! Talk about some drama! (I can’t wait.)

And speaking of divorces, Kristin had a very messy one play out before the public eye when she and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler divorced in April 2020.

Kristin Cavallari returns to The Hills: New Beginnings, but she’s only stopping by

According to divorce documents, Kristin cited “marital misconduct” and “irreconcilable differences” as the reasons for the split and alleged that Jay was “guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct” that rendered “further cohabitation unsafe and improper.” Yikes!

But will this drama be discussed on the newest season of The Hills: New Beginnings? All signs point to no.

Kristin told US Weekly that she’s not one for drama these days, saying, “I don’t like being written about, I don’t like when people think they know me or they [think they] know what they’re talking about. That stuff gives me stress. So no, I’m more than happy to have my life be private!” What this means for us, unfortunately, is that Kristin’s role in this latest installment is only that of a cameo (sigh).

Kristin de-masks as she gets ready to give her toast to “being reunited” with her Hills castmates. Pic credit: MTV

Single Mom Audrina and Speidi face their own challenges

As for single mom, Audrina, we hear her admit to kissing Brody, which just brings up all sorts of feelings for me. First, I really want to see her explore love OUTSIDE dudes from The Hills. Second, although I just said that, I also want to see her don her motorcycle helmet and ride off into the sunset on the back of Justin Bobby’s motorcycle. So, really, I’m not sure what I want for the Dreenster … but it should be fun to watch.

And what about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag? Well, it sounds like they are struggling with money, life in a pandemic, and trying for another baby.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Heidi revealed, “I cry a lot … We just had so much going on with almost losing our company and our finances. It was really challenging. And trying for a baby and having a toddler — there was just a lot going on for us. So for me, it was really emotional.”

Wait, Heidi, so you’re telling me there is trouble with Pratt Daddy Crystals?! Say it ain’t so!

And, with that, I leave you with the official trailer and a closing line that no Hills recap should go without: The rest? Well that “is still unwritten.”

The Hills New Beginnings, Season 2 premieres Wednesday, May 12 at 9/8c on MTV.

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