The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner shares whether he’d leave Indiana for love

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner talked about whether he’d move for love. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor is in full swing now, and it’s clear that everyone loves Gerry Turner.

He’s won over the hearts of the women cast to compete for his love, but it’s viewers who can’t get enough.

Speaking of Gerry’s women, he has an amazing group of ladies looking for a place in his heart.

These incredible women are from all over the US, which means that if there is a love connection, someone is going to have to move

That begs the question — is Gerry willing to leave Indiana to be with his new life partner after The Golden Bachelor is over?

Gerry knows this will come up and even addressed his feelings about moving before the new show started airing.

Gerry Turner reveals whether he’d leave Indiana

Regarding staying in Indiana, it doesn’t seem that Gerry is intent on staying in his home state if the woman he loves lives elsewhere.

While speaking to Glamour ahead of the series premiere, he talked about who would move if he were to find love on The Golden Bachelor and confirmed that it does come up on the show.

“If you’re sincere in the goal of finding your lifetime partner, I think it naturally implies that it’s not a part-time relationship,” Gerry said about finding his person. “It’s not a long-distance relationship that you are together. So it is a factor. Geography isn’t something that is easily compromised. In conversations, it was something that I talked to the women about quite a bit.”

When asked if he’d be willing to move, Gerry said, “I think all the options are open; so yes, I would be. The important thing is finding a good compromise, the acceptable sacrifice for both parties. That’s tough to get to, but it’s doable.”

Gerry Turner is winning over Bachelor Nation

The Golden Bachelor’s series premiere was a smash hit, with more than four million viewers tuning in. Bachelor Nation is in love with Gerry Turner and loves the concept of having a spinoff for seniors.

However, after the first two episodes, fans have pointed out a few changes that need to be made, and we’re hoping production will employ them for Season 2.

The show follows The Bachelor format entirely, and because of that, the women were expected to sleep in bunk beds, just like the cast on the original show.

Considering that these women are all over 60, that seems like a terrible decision, as it can be hard for some to get in and out of a top bun,k and they may need to do that multiple times a night to visit the bathroom.

Another issue that was pointed out is that they were standing at the rose ceremony. It seems like not a big deal until you realize the rose ceremony can be hours long. Even for the younger cast of the original show, it was brutal to stand in heels and ball gowns for multiple takes and pauses until they filmed everything necessary.

We would also love to see The Golden Bachelor be a bit longer. It’s only one hour, and it’s so much fun that it feels like it goes by very fast. We’d love to see two hours of Gerry and less of Bachelor in Paradise. With the way ratings are going, we’re betting they’re already looking into that.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

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Gail Avidon
Gail Avidon
9 months ago

Really enjoying the Golden Bachelor. I’m in my seventies and think the concept of still finding love is wonderful. Why not?

Hendrickson Julie
Hendrickson Julie
9 months ago

That would be awesome if the golden bachelor added an hour & bachelor in paradise dropped an hour!!! ❤️

9 months ago

I agree on the sleeping arrangements, what were you producers thinking, oh you weren’t,
Theresa & Kathy should go home, very nauseating

9 months ago

Totally agree

9 months ago

I can’t believe he couldn’t find a forever mate in his area. I am originally from Indiana and I know there are plenty of single, amazing, and beautiful women in the Ft. Wayne area.