The Golden Bachelor viewers are picking sides as Theresa and Kathy feud over Gerry

Kathy and Theresa on The Golden Bachelor
Kathy and Theresa are at odds on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

As the number of women on The Golden Bachelor dwindles, the drama is ramping up.

On the latest episode of the Bachelor Nation spinoff, we saw Kathy go head-to-head with Theresa, calling her out for bragging about her connection with Gerry.

Despite all of the women left having a connection of some form, Kathy felt that Theresa was being territorial about it and acting like she was going to be Gerry’s pick.

Then, Kathy took the drama to Gerry, warning him that some of the women were being mean to her. She cried, and he handed over a rose before the rose ceremony — a pity rose.

Then, in a hypocritical move, Kathy returned to the other women and showed off her rose before confronting Theresa about the things she said behind her back — and Theresa found out because women talk.

That led Theresa to take her turn with Gerry, informing him that she was the one Kathy was talking about — a shock to Gerry, who thought Theresa was very kind.

It’s the same exact drama we see every season on The Bachelor, and, at this point, we should expect no less.

Just like the original Bachelor show, viewers are taking sides already as Theresa took to Instagram to speak out in her defense.

The Golden Bachelor viewers take aim at Kathy, side with Theresa

After Kathy stirred the pot in the last episode of The Golden Bachelor, viewers have turned against her, clearly siding with Theresa as the two face off.

Many think that Kathy knew exactly what she was doing in running to Gerry to “warn” him about the mean girls in the house, with one even calling out her lack of tears as she ran back to show off her rose.

Another wrote, “Kathy is just jealous! The fact that she has friend groups as strategy & used fake problems to get a rose. Like let’s be honest you’re jealous! Theresa has a connection and she’s happy about it. She doesn’t have to pretend for your insecurities.”

Naturally, Theresa received the last rose at the rose ceremony, putting everyone in suspense about whether Gerry would send her home over this drama or not. Thankfully, she was not one of the two women who didn’t get a rose in Episode 3.

And like this viewer pointed out, we were all relieved when she got that rose and we get to see these two women face off again next week as they argue over who Gerry likes most.

Theresa spoke out about drama with Kathy Swarts on The Golden Bachelor

Theresa seems to know that The Golden Bachelor viewers are on her side because, four days after the episode aired, she took to Instagram to thank them for their support.

She also shared her surprise that she got caught up in the drama with Kathy after sharing her experience with Gerry with the other women.

She also shared about her talent show song for Gerry and asked The Golden Bachelor production to please share the clip so everyone could see how fun it was and how everyone was singing along with her.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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8 months ago

Theresa’s only flaw, is she does share too much. Kathy, made a big deal out of it, out of jealousy.

Carolyn Glennon
Carolyn Glennon
8 months ago
Reply to  Lois

I didn’t see Kathy’s comments to Teresa coming from a jealous point of view.
If anyone in this group is a shi* disturber, it’s Teresa, IMO.
Kathy is a straight shooter.

Lori Bell
Lori Bell
8 months ago

I agree with you Carolynn. I think Theresa is a problem and wants Gerry all to herself and says things to Kathy to try and make her feel insecure. I don’t
believe at all that Theresa is innocent. I think she knows exactly what she’s doing and the crying is only to get attention from the other girls. I think Kathy is honest and is tired of Theresa’s games and says it like it is.

Carolyn Glennon
Carolyn Glennon
8 months ago

I’m not watching this consistently. I tuned in tonight to witness the toxic banter between Kathy and Teresa.
The negative comments about Kathy are mind boggling.
Teresa is a Yente – a busy body. She knows it but tries to play innocent. She isn’t innocent by any means.
Kathy is a straight shooter and calls it as she sees it. I like people who don’t sugarcoat things.
That’s just me.

Janice Budd Fentress
Janice Budd Fentress
8 months ago

I agree with Kathy! At this age, it’s just not nice to kiss and tell. If you had a great date, say so but don’t continue with all the intimate details. In spite of the show’s concept, nobody wants to hear “their man” is kissing another woman. Kiss it and zip it!