The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry is disappointed as the women get catty and another self-eliminates

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
The ladies prove that you can cause drama at any age on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor spoilers are proving that women can cause drama at any age.

We’re also learning that this The Bachelor spinoff is following the format of the original show entirely to the point of having the women start turning on each other.

In next week’s episode, we can look forward to a really fun one-on-one date as Gerry asks, “Have you ever been kissed at 100 feet?”

It’s a hot air balloon ride that is going to get even hotter because Gerry can’t stop kissing the women competing for his heart.

That’s also going to cause some jealousy among the women — and that’s when the claws come out.

With only 12 women left in the mansion, the competition is getting tougher, and it’s clearly putting pressure on the women in a way that could really backfire.

Jealousy rears its ugly head on The Golden Bachelor

In a new The Golden Bachelor sneak peek, a woman narrates, “The vibe is camaraderie, but we all have feelings for Gerry.”

Then another can be heard saying, “He’s such a good kisser!”

That’s when what appeared to be Kathy hopped up, declaring, “I gotta go,” before storming away from the other women.

In the confessional, she angrily says, “Zip your lip,” before cutting to several of Gerry’s kissing scenes.

It’s pretty obvious that several of these women are already thinking of Gerry as “their person,” and it’s causing quite a bit of tension — and even more tears.

“I can’t stay here any longer,” One woman admits to Gerry while breaking down in tears. And while he’s disappointed to see her go but also seems to understand.

Natascha calls out production for making the women stand for the rose ceremony

The Golden Bachelor has been a screaming success, with more than 4 million viewers tuning in for the premiere. The second week was also great and received stellar reviews.

That doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made, though, and on her way out after not receiving a rose, Natascha made sure to point out one problem.

As credits rolled, she made sure to mention that they needed to add chairs for the women during the rose ceremony, and viewers seemed to agree, too. After all, these women are all at least 60 years old, and the rose ceremony, though short as it airs, takes hours to film.

It really does make sense to film this portion sitting down and not to expect this group of seniors to stay on their feet and in front of the bright lights while they make sure to get all the footage necessary.

There are a few other suggestions that viewers have made to help improve the show for future seasons, and you can read about those here.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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9 months ago

Well I thought on the golden Batchelor, the woman would act more their age, and it wouldn’t always be kissy,kissy,kissy.they act like they were teenagers. I was anxious to see a senior Batchelor or bachelorette, but very disappointed in the show.