The Golden Bachelor isn’t Leslie Fhima’s first attempt at reality TV

Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima almost made her reality TV debut many years sooner. Pic credit: ABC

Leslie Fhima is a finalist on The Golden Bachelor, and she’s an odds-on favorite to win the season and Gerry Turner’s heart.

She’s already beat out 20 other women to get to where she’s at, and during the Fantasy Suites dates, Gerry even told her that he thought she was “the one.”

The Golden Bachelor spoilers suggest that might not be the case, though.

After spending the night with Theresa Nist, it seems that Gerry may have changed his mind.

But we’ll have to wait until November 30 to find out, as the ABC reality series is taking a break for Thanksgiving.

But we’re learning that Leslie has been a reality TV hopeful in the past, and that, coupled with her relatively active sex life and past romance with Prince, has raised questions about whether she’s a good fit for Gerry after all.

Leslie Fhima is an inventor and an entrepreneur

Before we knew Gerry Turner, Leslie was already trying to work her way onto reality TV.

Not for romance, though. Instead, she was trying to build her business.

Leslie’s idea was innovative. She created a meal replacement bar… for dogs. It was called PowerBark.

It may sound odd since feeding a dog isn’t all that complicated, but some people like to take their dogs everywhere they go and this meal replacement bar meant one didn’t have to fuss with kibble that could spill all over.

In 2015, Leslie spoke about the invention with Jewfolk, a Minneapolis-based news website that focuses on news about Jewish people from the area.

She explained to them that PowerBark is the perfect on-the-go dog meal because it was “100% complete, balanced, AAFCO approved dog food. It’s vegetarian, wheat- and corn-free, and one bar is enough to feed up to a 30-pound dog.”

At the time, Leslie shared that the compact dog food had its own website and was also sold on Amazon. It appears that the product is no longer available as it’s not listed on Amazon anymore, and the website is now defunct.

Perhaps if she had been offered a deal on Shark Tank, things would have been different for Leslie and her innovative approach to dog food.

Unfortunately, she never made it on the show.

During the same interview, Leslie shared, “My partner Beth formulated the bar working alongside a dog food scientist. The whole process was a lot of hard work, we had many obstacles, but we never gave up. We were supposed to be on Shark Tank, but they cut us a week before we were supposed to leave… And then our competitor got on. That was a tough one.”

Will Leslie Fhima steal Gerry Turner’s heart and get a proposal on The Golden Bachelor?

The Golden Bachelor’s finale is coming up, and the ending is one of the best-kept secrets in Bachelor Nation history.

Ahead of the premiere, we already knew who the final three and the final two would be.

We’ve never officially been spoiled when it comes to who Gerry picks.

There is a lot of speculation about who it is, and Monsters and Critics has already put our prediction out there.

However, it’s looking like a toss-up, as Gerry made it clear that Leslie was “the one” until his Fantasy Suites date with Theresa.

We’ve been teased with Gerry proclaiming that he made a mistake and possibly even changed his mind. But that could also be a misdirection to keep The Golden Bachelor viewers on our toes.

We’ll have to tune in to see who gets the last rose and whether or not they get Gerry’s proposal when the show returns after Thanksgiving.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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7 months ago

I sincerely hope it’s LESLIE!

7 months ago

Rooting for Leslie!

7 months ago

𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒂 🩷💋🩷

7 months ago

Team Leslie!

Donna Burns
Donna Burns
7 months ago

Leslie to young for him. I would pick her, but I think he knew from the first date with Theresa she was the one.

Carol J Polivka
Carol J Polivka
7 months ago

Team Theresa