The Golden Bachelor: Here’s what we loved and what we hated about the premiere

The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner
Gerry Turner is the first man to lead The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor’s series premiere is finally here, and it was a breath of fresh air for the Bachelor franchise.

Gerry Turner has managed to win the hearts of 22 women who showed up looking for love, as well as Bachelor Nation, who collectively melted into a puddle of tears when the show debuted with his love story with his late wife, Toni.

Overall, The Golden Bachelor delivered everything we could have wanted and more.

The women are absolutely beautiful, proving that your golden years can truly be golden.

They’re also a bit dirty, with several of them making off-color jokes that definitely caught me off guard as a viewer.

While the consensus is that we love The Golden Bachelor, it would be a lie to say that it was the perfect show, so we put together a short list of what we loved and what we hated about Gerry Turner and the newest Bachelor Nation hit.

Here’s what we loved about The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner is a great choice for the first lead on The Golden Bachelor. His backstory is compelling, and viewers really like him as a person.

He’s also really great when it comes to interacting with the women who are hoping to win his heart. Gerry even got sad when it was time for the rose ceremony, telling the women that he had been dreading the first rose ceremony for several months as he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or break any hearts.

Another part of the show that we absolutely loved was the limo entrances. They were just like the original The Bachelor entrances, with some women trying to be sexy and others trying to be funny, and we learned that a few of these ladies have a wicked sense of humor.

It was especially fun to see a few of them make dirty jokes, like the cheerleader with the tongue-in-cheek cheer, the one who was “in her birthday suit,” and the one who could handle six inches. The double entendres were coming fast and furious, and honestly, it was a bit shocking at first but so fun.

Speaking of fun, Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy was there, and she is a hoot! The women seemed to love her, and even Gerry enjoyed hanging with Aunt Chippy. It’s too bad she didn’t stick around.

Things we did not love about The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor premiere was only an hour long, and because of that, I feel like we got robbed of time. There is so much more we could have seen and more we could have learned about the women, but time ran short, and the rose ceremony felt rushed, and then it was on to Bachelor in Paradise.

It was hard to tell if Gerry liked the dirty jokes or if he was embarrassed. It was probably a bit of both. He did seem to like the birthday suit woman, Theresa, and they even locked lips at one point.

And that brings me to another ick… the sound of Gerry and anyone kissing. I cannot possibly be alone here.

That brings me to the final and biggest thing about The Golden Bachelor that I did not love, and a lot of Bachelor Nation seems to agree.

Gerry Turner sent Patty James home on the first night! What? How could he?

I waited since the cast announcement to see Matt James’ amazing mother on screen, and we saw her for like a minute. Gerry really missed out on an incredible woman, and it was a huge disappointment to find out we wouldn’t be getting more of her this season.

Pic credit: @AdriannaAccepts/Twitter

Patty for Golden Bachelorette! I’m starting the campaign right now.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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