The Family Chantel viewers think Chantel’s mom Karen played a part in the bank account drain

Karen Everett
The Family Chantel viewers think Karen played a part in Chantel taking all the money from her and Pedro’s account. Pic credit: TLC

On the latest episode of The Family Chantel, viewers watched Pedro Jimeno come to find out that Chantel Everett had taken 265k out of their joint bank account and left him nothing.

Furthermore, Chantel left with valuable items from the home they bought together, and Pedro felt like she had robbed him.

Being that Chantel is super close with her family, and her mom Karen Everett is very protective of her children, Pedro and viewers think that Karen had a hand in Chantel absconding with the money.

Karen was questioned by production about the money and where Chantel could possibly be during her private interview, and Karen stayed tight-lipped and remarked that she did not know.

However, The Family Chantel audience is not buying that Karen stayed out of the situation because she told Chantel she needed to protect herself after Chantel revealed the true state of her marriage and Pedro wanting a divorce.

90 Day Fiance viewers have gotten to know Karen and the Everett family ever since Chantel was on Season 5 of the flagship series and several seasons of Happily Ever After? after that. Now, The Family Chantel is in its fourth season.

The Family Chantel viewers think Karen Everett encouraged Chantel Everett to take the money

Twitter was ablaze with The Family Chantel fans who wanted to share their opinions on the situation of Chantel taking the money and Karen’s role in it.

One person remarked, “Karen is the real MVP. Production tried to ask her about the money and she laughed. I know that’s right.”

Tweet about Karen Everett
Pic credit: @allhail_jojo/Twitter

Another critic commented, “I sure Karen encouraged Chantel to wipe out the joint bank account and take all the furniture.”

Someone else wrote, “Karen was definitely with Chantel at the bank and I’m not mad at it.”

Yet another viewer exclaimed, “Thank you Karen for telling Chantel to take the money!”

Karen Everett is known for her one-liners and strange phrases

Karen has said many memorable and head-scratching one-liners and phrases over the years that have gone down in 90 Day history.

They include, “Things are about to get a lot more stupider” and “Harvest the American dollar.”

Another strange quote from Karen is, “If things don’t go well in the Philippines it’s going to be a thrilla in Manila.”

And the wild exclamation, “You must think my daughter is like a store. But guess what? Nothing’s for sale!”

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Carolyn S
Carolyn S
1 year ago

Glad Chantel has her Mom ! I think she knew all along her daughter was being used and intended all along to be there for her daughter. This guy is just like his mother and sister and they are user’s. Remember from the start the friend from the D.R. told Chantel that the family chose Chantel to use her to get him to the US. and he also said he “Pedro” could wait 5 years to get rid of her. Funny how the truth always comes out in the end.

1 year ago

Well Karen is really stupid by putting it in winters name as now as soon as that joint account ws opened with her name, the bank reported that to tax man and that is under the gifts tax and winter may owe up to 40% taxes on that money… money that has to come from Winters earnings.. IRS dont care why.. just follow the rules… Smug Karen not too smart. This is why people not used to having any money get a large chunk end up broke ! Her inexperience with money shows her phponey pretense she has money is a lie !