The Family Chantel viewers take aim Jah’s proposal and relationship with Winter

Winter and Jah
The Family Chantel viewers shared their negative opinions on Jah’s proposal and his and Winter’s relationship. Pic credit: TLC

There are a lot of red flags that have surfaced in Winter and Jah’s relationship that The Family Chantel viewers have passed judgment on.

During the latest episode, Jah proposed to Winter in an escape room by having the ring inside a toolbox they were meant to open. Winter accepted the proposal but viewers did not forget about the negatives in their relationship and took to social media to vent their issues.

The Family Chantel viewers criticized Jah and Winter Everett’s relationship and Jah’s proposal to her

The Family Chantel viewers took to Twitter to share their issues with Jah’s proposal and his and Winter’s relationship.

One critic shared a GIF of someone jumping through glass and said, “Is the escape room symbolic of Winter needing to escape her relationship with Jah?”

Another person harped on all the things they don’t like about Jah and threw shade on the untraditional ring he got her. They used a meme of someone saying, “It’s painful to look at.”

They added the caption, “Literally the ring of my nightmares smh! woulda said no based on that alone… nvm the religious fanaticism, chauvinism, and secret children.”

Someone else found a problem with Jah’s proposal because he didn’t get down on one knee to present it to her and used a GIF of someone looking pissed off.

They remarked, “I guess not getting down on his knee is against his religion as well. Winter please open ya eyes girl.”

Another critic commented on all the things Winter and Jah are doing in their private lives being in contrast to what Jah preaches.

They used a GIF of a woman shaking her ahead and captioned, “Winter and Jah are shackin & smackin but the Christmas tree is where she draws the line?!”

Winter Everett’s family have a lot of concerns about Jah

Jah has been criticized by viewers since Season 2 of The Family Chantel when it came to light through a private investigation launched by Winter’s family that he was keeping his second child a secret from Winter. After hearing that Jah had not been honest with her, Winter broke up with him, but the breakup didn’t last very long before Winter said she wanted to look past the lie Jah told.

Winter’s family is also concerned that Jah’s strict religious views and values are affecting Winter in a negative way. She has refrained from attending family holiday gatherings because Jah sees them as a bad Pagan tradition, and she now follows the same biblical diet as Jah.

Jah’s religion also views relationships structures as a patriarchy where women are expected to take the backseat to the man. Winter’s family fears that Jah’s personal and religious views are not aligned with what Winter truly wants and worries that this relationship is not good for her.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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