The Family Chantel viewers blast Pedro for his treatment of Chantel

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett
Pedro Jimeno’s behavior toward Chantel Everett on The Family Chantel was slammed by viewers. Pic credit: TLC

Things got heated between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno on the latest episode of The Family Chantel, and Pedro’s behavior has not sat well with viewers.

Pedro privately talked about how miserable he was at home with Chantel and how he had been throwing himself into work and his coworkers to avoid interacting with her.

When he came home, and Chantel confronted him about his aloofness and secrecy, Pedro laid into her about how she didn’t cook or clean to his standards. He condemned her as lazy and dismissed Chantel’s frustrations as she attempted to improve their relationship by talking about their issues.

The way Pedro spoke and behaved towards Chantel has taken viewers aback, and they have reacted on social media by calling Pedro out.

The Family Chantel viewers sound off on Pedro Jimeno’s treatment of Chantel Everett

The Family Chantel viewers took to Twitter to vent about the disrespect they saw from Pedro toward Chantel.

One critic made a meme that featured Pedro calling Chantel lazy during their argument.

They added, “Pedro is way too comfortable being disrespectful to [Chantel].”

Another shocked viewer commented, “Pedro u rly starting to act brand new as if Chantel ain’t support you & her for YEARS! While u had a whole gaming system doing nothing! U acting like u used her for a green card now that u got ya lil career!”

Tweet about Pedro Jimeno
Pic credit: @peia_alexander/Twitter

A different person made a meme that showed an image of Pedro when he and Chantel were arguing. They described, “Ain’t nobody with this Bluetooth device talking spicy to me. Kick him out.”

Yet another upset viewer slammed, “When you do more for your coworkers and you do for your wife it’s a problem Pedro.”

Tweet about Pedro Jimeno
Pic credit: @rhoni_love/Twitter

Karen and River Everett plan on having a discussion with Pedro Jimeno

Chantel left her and Pedro’s house amid what Pedro was saying to her and stayed at her brother River’s house.

She did not explain to River what was going on and that caused him to tell their mom Karen about the incident.

River and Karen expressed that they felt uncomfortable enough with the idea that Chantel might be being mistreated that they decided to confront Pedro at his and Chantel’s house.

The next episode of The Family Chantel will highlight what comes from that.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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