The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer released — here’s what to expect

The Family Chantel Season 3 premieres in October
Check out The Family Chantel Season 3 trailer. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel is back for another season and from the looks of the trailer, it’s definitely going to be an explosive one. We’ve come to expect a lot of drama from Chantel and her family, and whether you love them or hate them, they certainly know how to deliver.

Well, in Season 3, they will do just that and you can expect Pedro’s family to stir the pot and deliver a huge serving of controversy as well. Viewers already know that the two families do not get along, so don’t expect a reconciliation when the show returns.

As a matter of fact, things got so ugly that at one point, even the police had to get involved! And there’s a lot more to come when the show premieres next month.

Pedro’s sister Nicole makes bombshell revelation

In the upcoming season of The Family Chantel, things are changing for Chantel and Pedro as the couple hunts for their dream home, but it’s their families that are causing mayhem.

In the clip, Pedro and his sister, Nicole, are on the outs because he does not approve of her married boyfriend, Alejandro. And during a meetup between the two men, things didn’t go well as Pedro and Alejandro got into a fight. However, after finding out how Pedro treated her boyfriend, Nicole had revenge on her mind.

Nicole waited until Pedro, Chantel, and her family arrived in the Dominican Republic to drop a bomb on the family. She told them that Pedro had sex with her friend Coraima! And that revelation resulted in a near fight between Nicole and Chantel’s mother. Before the scene ended, people were holding back Nicole as she threw a glass at Chantel’s mom and struggled to break free.

However, at some point, cops were called so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out!

The Family Chantel promises drama in Season 3

The Family Chantel has a lot more in store when Season 3 finally returns and it seems Chantel’s siblings will also cause quite a stir this season. The last time we saw Chantel’s sister, Winter, we assumed she had broken things off with boyfriend Jah after finding out he was hiding a secret child.

However, the couple is still together and Jah’s new religious beliefs are causing tension among the family.

Chantel’s brother River and his relationship will also be a storyline this season. It seems River is trying to keep his girlfriend a secret from his nosey family — and given their history, who could blame him? However, River’s secret doesn’t stay that way for very long, and we will get to see the mystery lady and how she fits into the family when the show premieres.

The Family Chantel returns Monday, October 11 at 8/7c on TLC.

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