The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno’s friend Coraima Morla shows off her incredible figure

Coraima The Family Chantel
Nicole Jimeno’s best friend Coraima from The Family Chantel sizzled in a chiseled selfie. Pic credit: @coraimamorla/Instagram

The Family Chantel viewers have seen Pedro Jimeno’s sister Nicole Jimeno step into a more prominent role on the show over the last few seasons. Particularly in the currently airing Season 4.

Nicole has gotten a lot of screen time, and her storylines have been developing, including her stunning best friend, Coraima Morla.

Coraima has been featured on multiple seasons of The Family Chantel, with her presence in Season 4 significant to Nicole’s narrative.

In the past, Coraima’s connection to Pedro, her crush on him, and how Pedro has acted around Coraima have been sources of drama.

This season, Coraima made her interest in Pedro known, given that he has been on the rocks with his now-ex Chantel Everett for viewers to see.

On social media, Coraima heats up her page by showing off her incredible and toned figure and confidence in her body.

The Family Chantel alum Coraima Morla sizzled in a toned selfie

Coraima used her Instagram Stories to share a stunning full-body selfie that showed off her tight pink two-piece outfit and her incredible body.

A dive into Coraima’s Instagram reveals her love of working out, traveling, and showing off all her gains, so her latest selfie was on brand for her.

In Coraima’s Instagram Story, she appeared to hold the camera up above her head to capture her entire look while she looked up at the camera.

Pic credit: @coraimamorla/Instagram

Coriama’s jet black hair was parted deeply on the side and lay down her back and over one shoulder.

She paired a layered necklace with her light pink tube top and a pencil skirt set accentuating her toned abs.

A filter was put over the picture, and no caption was given.

Coraima Morla has supported Nicole Jimeno on The Family Chantel

Coraima has been the one person who Nicole has confided in most about her on-and-off-again relationship with Alejandro Padron.

Alejandro even recognized their closeness and asked Coraima to help him win Nicole back, which she did.

Aside from Coraima’s support for Nicole and all her life struggles, she has also shown interest in Pedro since she has known him as long as she’s known Nicole.

Coraima and Pedro’s relationship has made Chantel uneasy in the past, as Nicole has used their connection to stir up drama for Chantel.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Chantel CRUSHES her in EVERY WAY!