The Family Chantel: How much money will Chantel be making as a nurse?

Chantel Everett
Chantel discussed her income as an RN last episode, but how much can she really make? Pic credit: TLC

Chantel revealed on the premiere episode of The Family Chantel that she has graduated nursing school finally and will be working as a home health pediatric nurse. After that, she wants to transition into one of the major hospitals in Atlanta on the neurology floor.

When the discussion between Chantel and Pedro came up during the episode about how much money Chantel would be making, Chantel had to burst Pedro’s bubble and let him know she would not be making as much as he thought she would.

Pedro was under the impression that Chantel would be making around $75,000/yr but Chantel quickly put him in check as to the fact that she is entry-level.

Chantel told him, “For starting out I think it’s below $50,000. I think it’s like $45,000.”

So how much will Chantel actually make based on available data?

Here’s how much Chantel Everett could be making as a nurse

According to reputable nursing site, an entry-level nurse in Georgia makes $53,075 a year which is a little more than Chantel was thinking.

ZipRecruiter data says that a pediatric home health nurse in Georgia makes $49,698 so it seems what Chantel thinks she’ll make is about on point.

Chantel eventually wants to be a Neurology nurse in a hospital which could seriously boost her salary. ZipRecruiter estimates that the yearly wage for that type of nurse is between $71,258 to $112,041.

Pedro Jimeno
Pedro and Chantel talked about how much money she would be making as an entry-level RN. Pic credit: TLC

For perspective, the highest-earning nursing jobs like Nurse Practitioners and midwives earn over six figures.

Chantel definitely has room to grow in the nursing field and many different avenues to take. Being entry-level means that she will still be making a decent earning with lots of potential income once she has some experience under her belt.

Pedro Jimeno revealed his salary and hopes for the future on The Family Chantel

Pedro said during the latest episode that he makes $22 an hour with overtime at his warehouse job. He also said he doesn’t like his warehouse job and wants to begin his education towards a career in something.

Now that Chantel has graduated, her family is pushing Pedro to find something better for himself.

Pedro and Chantel have had a plan for Pedro to pursue his education once Chantel was able to join the workforce. They eventually want to buy a house together and start a family once they are both in a stable place. Pedro calls it living the American dream.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays on Discovery+.

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