The Family Chantel: Evidence points to a possible breakup between River Everett and Megan Montenegro

River Everett and Megan Montenegro
There are some signs that River Everett and Megan Montenegro have broken up. Pic credit: TLC

Some red flags have gone up after the latest episode of The Family Chantel signaling that River Everett and Megan Montenegro might have broken up.

The episode itself detailed the honest conversation Megan had with River where she let him know that he liked her way more than she liked him, and they left things in a bad place. She also said she felt like they were in two different stages in their lives that they didn’t seem compatible.

Megan also drove home that between her son, work, and school she did not have enough time for a relationship and she didn’t like feeling like River appreciated the time she did put into things.

Off-camera on Instagram, Megan and River scrubbed any trace of their relationship from their pages.

River Everett and Megan Montenegro appear to have broken up

Just last month, River and Megan were both posting about how infatuated they were with each other through stylized Instagram posts. All of that seems to have changed since they had their rough talk on The Family Chantel where they ended things on a divided note.

Both River and Megan took all the photos they had together off their Instagram pages and neither one of them follow each other now.

Megan has been criticized for using River for fame and clout to further her singing and modeling careers. The timing of their breakup, which is at the end of the season, could be seen as peculiar on that note.

Megan’s latest photo is with her son where she captioned, “My son, my moon, my stars. Sometimes doing the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

Megan’s caption could have been alluding to a breakup from River and the circumstances on which it happened.–HcrmK2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Around the same time, River posted a picture of himself with a cryptic caption where he quoted someone saying, “‘A gem cannot be polished without friction nor a man perfected without trials.'”

River Everett showed off a new short haircut that stunned The Family Chantel fans

River shocked fans when he posted several pictures showing off his new buzzed haircut with a sharp lineup.

River’s drastic change could be a breakup haircut if the signs about him and Megan are true, or he may have been tired of having to maintain a lot of hair.

Either way, his fans were very supportive of the transformation.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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