The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett smiling and happy during day out with sister Winter

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett enjoyed weekend with family.
Chantel and Winter Everett enjoy bonding time. Pic credit: @winterckyler/Instagram

Chantel Everett is not letting her pending divorce from Pedro Jimeno steal her joy, and she looked happier than ever over the weekend.

The Family Chantel star has been leaning on her close-knit family as she traverses this new journey as a single woman.

More than ever, Chantel has been spending time with her younger sibling Winter Everett and the duo recently enjoyed some sisterly bonding. It’s good to see that the two have healed their relationship after years of turmoil between them.

These days it seems Winter has moved on from the issues she had with her beautiful older sister, who once stole all the attention, while Winter was pushed into the background.

Winter, who struggled with her weight since childhood, had years of pent-up anger against Chantel, and eventually, it all came to a head.

Winter has since taken matters into her own hands and underwent weight loss surgery which has boosted her confidence. Furthermore, after hashing out her issues with Chantel, the two are now closer than ever.

Chantel Everett looked happy during a day out with Winter Everett

The Family Chantel stars both shared photos on social media of their day bonding moment over the weekend.

Winter was the one behind the wheels as the sisters enjoy a beautiful day out seemingly to Kansas, as Chantel shared more photos from that location later on.

Chantel was still dressed in her grey nursing scrubs along with a matching grey jacket as she smiled big in one photo as Winter turned the camera on her. In another picture, the 31-year-old showed Winter dressed in all black waving as she stood a few feet behind her.

Chantel and Winter Everett enjoy their weekend together.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/@winterckyler/Instagram

Chantel had her hair parted in the middle and worn in a sleek straight style, and she wore minimal makeup for the occasion. Meanwhile, Winter was barefaced and had her hair in stylish blond braids.

Chantel Everett enjoyed a busy weekend with family

The Family Chantel star had a very busy weekend filled with family bonding time.

Chantel shared a few more photos of her day out, this time with her adorable nephew– the first child for her older brother Royal Everett and his wife, Angenette Wylie.

Royal and Angenette have been featured in past episodes of the family show, but now that they have a baby boy, it seems they are choosing to stay out of the spotlight and out of the drama.

Chantel Everett spends time with her nephew.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Nonetheless, Chantel was on aunty duties over the weekend as she posted a cute photo with her nephew dressed in his little red onesie as he gave a little pout for the photo. Chantel wore a pink jacket as she wrapped her arm around the tiny toddler.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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Monica Valdes
Monica Valdes
1 year ago

Chantel will be happier soon, it will not be long. He is nothing to look at and as soon as he got a job wanted a divorce? Oh course, let him go, he is not worth it. She will see so many opportunities for her soon!

1 year ago

Chantel, you are a beautiful young lady!!!!! You don’t need the likes of something like Pedro in your life, he’s nothing to look at and a waste of time. His mother, sister and him all look the same and act the same, portraying themselves as victims all the time. I cannot believe his mother being an attorney, she’s not intelligent at all and the sister thinks she stunning, yet they are really quite an ugly looking family. You have an amazing family that has your back, the WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER so you go girl, grab with 2 hands. You also have a profession that can take you anywhere and to the very top with a bit more studying. Gorgeous young lady life is to be lived, so do it and do it well. Take what you have gone through and put it down as experience so you know what NOT to look for next time, you deserve the best. ♥️?