The Curse of Oak Island isn’t on tonight but here’s when it will return, along with the William Shatner special

Members of the Oak Island team with William Shatner
Members of the Oak Island team gather with William Shatner in the war room on next week’s Drilling Down episode. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island fans will be left disappointed tonight as there’s no new episode on the History channel. Just as the Lagina brothers and the team looked to be getting close to finding the Money Pit, we’re going to have to wait even longer than expected to find out what happens next.

Oak Island’s usual spot at 9/8c will be taken up this Tuesday evening by a two-hour episode of History’s new miniseries Washington.

Why isn’t Oak Island on tonight?

In honor of Presidents’ Day on Monday (February 17), the History channel decided to premiere its new three-part miniseries, Washington, this week.

Presidents’ Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February; Washington’s birthday was February 22, while Lincoln was born February 12.

The Washington series documents how George Washington rose from a loyal British subject to the leader of the revolution to the first president of the United States.

When will The Curse of Oak Island return?

Don’t worry, because fans won’t have to long to wait for the return of Oak Island — with new episodes back on our screens from next Tuesday, February 25.

There will also be a new episode of The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down next week featuring a visit to the war room by none other than Captain James T Kirk. That’s right, William Shatner visits the island to discuss the theories and give the guys a motivational chat.

Last week’s episode

At the end of last week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, titled Bromancing the Stone, we discovered the piece of wood found in the area of the Money Pit dated from 1626 to 1680. This is clear evidence that the Lagina brothers and team are getting very close to the treasure shaft.

Narrator Robert Clotworthy pointed out that the question is beginning to change from “where is the Money Pit?” to “how deep is the Money Pit, and what’s in it?” Clotworthy also poses an uncomfortable question, “Was it worth all the time and expense, and the lives lost?” Hey, we’re all in this for the journey, right?

Either way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the island could be close to giving up its secrets — although it seems always to find a way to keep that door closed. Another hurricane anyone?

What’s on the next episode?

In the next episode, the guys seem to be still concentrating on digging at the swamp despite the Money Pit being tantalizingly close. This could be because the swamp has proved particularly exciting this season with numerous theories swirling around mysterious Templar knights, Spanish galleons, and French treasure.

Of course, the team is rightfully intrigued by the paved platform that was recently discovered in the swamp. Also, evidence from Dr. Spooner indicating the swamp may be manmade is reason enough to keep digging there.

Another reason to keep digging in the swamp is the fact the guys spent a lot of money and effort in draining the marshy land that could potentially fill up again at short notice as we saw when hurricane Dorian hit a couple of weeks ago.

The episode’s preview appears to show the guys frantically digging; shouts of “watch yourself,” “Whoa,” and “oh no” can be heard as we see falling bits of wood, so it looks like the guys perhaps encounter a setback in their efforts.

We also hear a shout of “this is a huge structure,” and we hear Rick Lagina say he wants “to know who did it, and why.” We can assume he’s referring to the ancient builders of the structure rather than some unknown misdemeanor by Billy Gerhardt or one of the other guys.

Gary Drayton has another intriguing find

Meanwhile, metal detectorist Gary Drayton has found another mysterious item. An expert tells him, Marty Lagina, and Alex Lagina that the object has been in a “hot sustained fire.” Marty wonders aloud, “Wow, what’s that doing in the swamp?”

It seems that as the guys edge closer and closer to the Money Pit, they are becoming more and more fascinated with the mysteries of the swamp, for now anyway.

Alex Lagina and Gary Drayton up close
What have Gary Drayton and Alex Lagina uncovered this time? Pic credit: History

If you’re determined to get a Curse of Oak Island fix tonight, and you don’t mind staying up late, the History channel is showing an old episode of The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down at 11/10c.

New episodes of The Curse of Oak Island will return February 25 at 9/8c on History. 

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