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The Cookout controversy continues as alliance tries to make Big Brother history

The Cookout On Big Brother 23
The Cookout alliance from the Big Brother 2021 season is a strong group of players. Pic credit: CBS

The Cookout alliance on Big Brother 23 is on a mission to make some history, but not every fan of the show is on board with them being named one of the best alliances the show has ever seen.

Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum put together a six-person alliance early in the Big Brother 2021 season and it is still going strong.

No alliance this large has ever made it through the entire game without losing multiple players. Most larger alliances typically break down along the way, and even the strongest ones end up getting targeted or fractured due to in-fighting.

Despite having some disagreements along the way between several of its members, The Cookout alliance has remained resilient and is getting very close to controlling how the end of the game will look as well. Recently, the members of The Cookout made things official with an on-camera cheer.

There are a lot of Big Brother fans cheering on one or all members of The Cookout this summer. That includes a lot of former houseguests, with quite a few of them weighing in on who they think will become the Big Brother 23 winner.

Last season’s winner even weighed in with his thoughts. Cody Calafiore predicts that it will Xavier who wins Big Brother 2021.

The Cookout alliance controversy: Not all Big Brother fans are on board

Not all Big Brother fans are being supportive of The Cookout alliance. There are also quite a few people who are frequently posting that they feel The Cookout is racist.

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Trip Hunter Twitter
Trip Hunter thinks The Cookout is racist. Pic credit: @TripTrader1/Twitter
Big Daddy Twitter
Big Daddy thinks The Cookout is racist. Pic credit: @Big33Daddy/Twitter

Big Brother fans cheering for The Cookout alliance

There are still a lot of Big Brother fans who are cheering on The Cookout alliance and rooting for them to succeed in making it all the way to the end. It has led to a lot of fan support for several members of The Cookout who have stood out from the rest.

The controversy surrounding The Cookout has also forced a number of those fans to address the complaints that The Cookout is racist.

Kay Cookout Twitter
Kay supports The Cookout. Pic credit: @kay__laaaa/Twitter

A few Big Brother spoilers

We have some Big Brother spoilers about the POV winner for the current week of the show. Those spoilers reveal who is going to be on the block at the next Eviction Ceremony and likely who is about to become the next member of the BB23 jury.

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There have also been a lot of changes to the Big Brother schedule and when episodes will appear on CBS. Here is the updated BB23 schedule for September. Make sure to take a look, as there are time changes and even a Friday episode in the mix now.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. I never thought I would see the day when BB gave way to BLM racism and are allowing it to control the outcome of the show. Any time one group of people target a different race of people it is Racism. No way around it. It’s also a disgrace and insult to black people when CBS thinks they have to stack the deck and then allow blatant Racism in order for a person of color to win.
    I think any of us BB fans would be great with a person of color winning. I would! As it has nothing to do with color. But when a racist group is openly formed inside the house and allowed to operate accordingly then that is Racism. Just as it would be racist if all the white people got together and said okay~ lets take out all the non-white folks so a white person wins the prize money. Last season when there was even a hint that maybe someone who was white may have said or did something racist, there was a total meltdown at CBS and they make a major deal out of it even when it was shown later that the racism never existed. But when a group of Black people openly create a racist group then that’s okay? This goes way beyond game play and normal alliances. CBS has entered the realm of woke politics now and CBS is catering to the current BLM movement so they can put a feather in their own cap. All of the white people in the house have befriended the Black people and shown any signs of racism. Not because they were tricked by the secret black alliance but because they aren’t racist and will soon learn they are being stabbed in the back by their so called Black friends in the house. Soon the racist will have to start turning on one another inside the house and then we will see their true colors. At any rate, if a black person wins the season then it won’t be too much to celebrate or be proud of. Too bad this group of black players had to bring their ugly racism into the show with them and rely on it to further themselves in the game. Even sadder is that CBS promoted it, allowed it and is still allowing the racism to destroy a once great show. It wasn’t great because of any certain color of people. It was great for lots of reasons including it’s mixture of different people and cultures within the game. This has set a new precedence for the game that will ruin it for many people. CBS has shown that they are fine with Racism as long as the racist are Black. They don’t care if their White viewers or white/other players are being insulted and are being done wrong. But they will when it hits them in the pocketbook. Which it will. My favorite player this season would have been one of the black players that I really like. But with the BLM alliance and the racism I don’t support them now. Everyone Loses.

    • I agree with you and this is the worst season I have ever watched. Why in the past they made people apologize for saying or doing racist things and they are not doing it this season? They made the comment no white man in the jury!! Isn’t that racist?? I know people that have stopped watching this season that have watched all other seasons. I don’t blame them I am about stop myself.

    • Totally agree. It is very sad. I won’t be watching the show again. There have always been floaters brought along in the game as strategy but not because of the color of their skin. The non-color players didn’t have a clue so the alliance flies under the radar because of that not because it is brilliant IMO. It seems none of these “reality” shows are allowed to be actual “real” reality anymore based on producers stacking with certain players to add “interest” and then attempting to manipulate the participants during the season. I’m hoping Survivor will be better this season but that remains to be seen.

  2. I say these days it’s a O.K.. to be RACICST toward WHITE people but not the tenderhearted BLACKS what’s good for one is good for the. other. Everyone is equal in GOD.’s eyes get a LIFE., There’s away too much HATRED out there in this world.BIG BROTHER you are not helping matters at ALL…

  3. Racism works both ways. I’ve never see seen a collective group say out loud that they will target and eliminate a certain group because of skin color. Have there been “white” racists? I’m sure. Never an up openly racist a group like this. Too bad one can’t win by their talent! This is a well balanced cast but the most openly racist I’ve ever seen. We will not watch the remainder of this season because their behavior is reprehensible. I suggest others do the same. It would be exciting to have a black winner but not through this poor display of sportsmanship – or lack thereof. May they enjoy their ill gotten win. So long CBS ……,

    • Agree. I posted before on another thread about floaters always being part of strategy in the game and being brought along BUT not because of certain skin color. Also that skin color is not even considered on the part of other players which allows the really not so brilliant alliance to be discovered. It is interesting to me too that in the alliance it depends on what color of colored skin is allowed in the alliance. Both Alyssa and Baby Derek have skin of color but apparently not the right shade. So very, very sad that people think that way and so, so, very sad that it is so blatantly displayed and promoted in this programming. In years past on the opposite hand it was shut down immediately. I will watch until the end simply to see how they turn on each other and see what shakes out but I won’t be watching the show again. I’ve already ditched Bachelorette/Batchelor for the totally UNREAL reality. Guess I’ll watch PBS nature shows.

  4. when all people talk about is race, it creates racism and the worst thing you can do if you are actually wanting to eliminate racism is to be openly racist. It is hard to imagine a better way to make racism worse than what they are doing on Big Brother. It is really sad. Just a microcosm of what our society has become. It is not ok to be racist regardless of who you are being racist against. It is unbelievable that anyone thinks this is acceptable. You cannot justify it no matter what you say.


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