The Chicks in the Office stopped by Bachelor Happy Hour and revealed which Bachelor Nation alum surprised them

Becca Kufrin & Michelle Young
The Bachelor Happy Hour co-hosts talk with the Chicks in the Office. Pic credit: ABC

Famous podcasters Ria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano, the hosts of the podcast Chicks in the Office, stopped by Bachelor Happy Hour recently.

The two well-known podcast hosts met up with Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young to talk about Bachelor Nation stars.

Ria and Fran are huge Bachelor fans themselves and wanted the opportunity to dish with Bachelorette alums, Becca and Michelle.

Chicks in the Office hosts dish on who has surprised them most in Bachelor Nation

Becca asked these two ladies who, in all of Bachelor Nation, had surprised them the most from the time they saw the man or woman on screen to when they met this individual in person.

Fran took the lead and responded by saying, “There have been some people who’ve come on our podcast who we did form opinions of based on the show and then those opinions changed after having a real conversation with them.”

She went on to reveal who had surprised her the most, as she declared, “I’d say Nick Viall surprised us most.”

Ria nodded in agreement and also added, “We loved to make fun of Nick. We just made fun of him constantly.”

But they both agreed that after meeting him, their opinions of Nick definitely changed. Fran said after speaking with Nick on their podcast, “We realized that he is a good guy, and having an actual conversation with people always changes things.”

Who was the other alum who surprised Fran and Ria?

Another alum who had surprised both Fran and Ria as well was a contestant from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, Kit Keenan.

They talked about how viewers had made a lot of assumptions about Kit because of her young age and coming from a great deal of money. Ria also added, “But she’s come on our show and we’ve seen her around New York and she’s always so complimentary of us and she’s so sweet and cool. I thought she was great after meeting her.”

The two women also told Becca and Michelle that they have really enjoyed every Bachelor Nation alum that they’ve gotten to meet in person. For the entire episode with Fran and Ria, click here.

While Nick Viall and Kit Keenan have made waves during the filming of their seasons, or in Nick’s case, his bluntness at times on his podcast the Viall Files, it seems like both Nick and Kit are well-liked in person, especially by these two well-known podcast hosts, Ria and Fran.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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