The Challenge’s Tori Deal in skimpy underwear shoot tells fans ‘Take it or leave it’

tori deal poses for instagram close up selfie
The Challenge’s Tori Deal shared a powerful message with her fans and critics. Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

Three-time Challenge finalist Tori Deal has her share of fans and critics regarding her time on reality TV. She sent a powerful message with her latest content share, suggesting they can “Take it or leave it.”

In a photo shared earlier this week, the 29-year-old star of MTV’s The Challenge posed with a long, muted green and white striped dress shirt hanging off her shoulder on one side.

She wore nude-colored underwear with a matching bra and panties set, revealing plenty of skin as she looked to the side.

The former Are You The One? cast member kept one leg bent with her foot resting against her knee as part of the pose.

Unlike other selections she’s shared on Instagram, there was no elaborate background, simply a plain wall behind Deal, to keep the focus on her and her “Take it or leave it” message.

Deal included that message of taking her for who she is in the caption, along with a tag for the photographer Ameer Hinson.

The latest Instagram post was a hit for Tori, with nearly 19,000 Likes as of this writing and over 250 comments praising her look or reacting to her message.

Challenge star shared other artistic shots

Earlier this month, Tori Deal shared several other simple photos of herself on her Instagram page, both presented in black and white.

On July 15, she had a cropped black and white photo of herself in underwear without her face in the image.

“My home” was included as her caption, with a tag for photographer Stefani Amber. Over 6,000 Likes arrived for the pic, with 40-plus comments.

In another shot credited to Ameer Hinson, Tori posed in what appears to be the dress shirt from her “Take it or leave” image.

The photo features her crouching down and wearing shorts or a skirt as she looks to the side. This particular shot was taken outdoors, possibly on a building rooftop.

Her caption included much more than her other posts above, detailing her struggle with depression and her “pain body.” In her message, she suggests she thought her creativity stemmed from depression but said she came to find out it didn’t.

Tori also revealed she sought help for her issues and eventually went on medication which was helpful for her.

“Now I feel light, happy, and powerful,” she wrote in her caption.

“This is what worked for me, we’re all different. But if this post pulled on your soul, listen to that calling, and talk to someone,” she said.

Will Tori return for MTV’s The Challenge?

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge last saw Tori Deal appear in the Spies, Lies & Allies season, where she was part of the dominant veteran alliance.

While many alliance members avoided going into elimination, Tori got called out by Amanda Garcia just before the final. However, Deal overpowered her in their event, sending Amanda home.

With that, Tori reached her third final in her Challenge career. She originally started as part of a four-person team featuring Chris “CT” Tamburello, Devin Walker, and Emy Alupei, but that changed by Day 2.

On that second day, an elimination twist allowed the two elimination winners on the other four-person team, Kyle Christie and Kaycee Clark, to choose a new teammate. Kaycee chose CT and Tori went with Kyle.

Tori and Kyle formed a great team, but they missed out on finishing first place by mere seconds, as CT and Kaycee were able to complete their number code first, unlocking a safe to win a million dollars.

Tori and Kyle still got $50,000 each with the runner-up finish, thanks to CT and Kaycee’s generous share with their fellow finalists. However, it was yet another failed attempt to win the season for Tori.

Many fans wonder if she might return for Season 38 or stay home this time. Tori previously mentioned that she was contemplating if she would return or not. As of this report, the new season is filming in Argentina, with Season 38 spoilers revealing who is part of the cast.

The Challenge: USA episodes air Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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