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The Challenge’s Kailah Casillas and Sylvia Elsrode appear in bikini pic featuring All Stars 3’s Treehouse Alliance

kailah casillas from the challenge all stars 3
Kailah Casillas appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

When they’re not competing on The Challenge: All Stars battlefield or talking game, the OGs just want to have fun! A new image revealed from the All Stars 3 season features several cast members appearing together in a fun-filled pool photo.

Among them are the strong Treehouse Alliance members, including the apparent leader Kailah Casillas and her good friend Sylvia Elsrode. Not only that, but one of their main targets also makes a humorous appearance in the image.

The latest photo arrives as tensions continue to build in the All Stars 3 episodes between the Treehouse alliance and their targets, including OG KellyAnne Judd.

Treehouse Alliance members appear in bikini pool pic

The Treehouse Alliance arrived during Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 3, as a group of roommates banded together to try to take over the game. They included Kailah, Sylvia, Veronica Portillo, Tina Bridges, Roni Chance, Jemmye Carroll, and Derrick Kosinski.

Two of those Treehouse members left the game for circumstances beyond their control. Tina suffered a broken hand during a daily challenge, and Jemmye opted to head home to be with family due to her father’s health issues.

That left five members of the alliance, and almost all of them appeared in a new photo shared by The Challenge on Instagram. Kailah is rocking a skimpy white bikini in the image, while Sylvia has donned a black one. The two friends and Treehouse members are throwing up a hand sign to signal their alliance.

Sitting with them are Veronica and Roni, two Challenge OGs and icons. Roni has on a black or navy blue and white striped swimsuit, while Veronica wears a straw hat and a swimsuit consisting of a floral pattern based on the little visible in the picture.

Coming through in the background with a funny photobomb is KellyAnne Judd, who has been one of the two main targets for Treehouse Alliance during the All Stars 3 season.

The alliance’s first target was Kendal Darnell, a three-time All Stars competitor who they were able to use their power in the Authority against and throw her into two-straight eliminations. Kendal dodged the first one as her opponent was unable to compete. However, her second elimination saw Beth Stolarczyk victorious since having a weight advantage helped.

With that, KellyAnne realized she needed to find an opportune moment to strike back against the Treehouse Alliance. Fans have yet to see that happen in All Stars 3, but it could be on the way.

Fans react to All Stars 3 Treehouse bikini photo

There’s been a mixed reaction to the Treehouse Alliance in The Challenge: All Stars 3, as some fans love what they bring to the game, and others seem appalled by it. Fans had mixed reactions to the bikini photo, with some calling out the “mean girls” and others applauding the alliance.

“We love a female powerhouse alliance,” one fan remarked, giving a treehouse hashtag with their comment.

fan of all stars 3 treehouse alliance comments
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

One fan said they hate the Treehouse, indicating they liked All Stars better when there wasn’t a “mean girl tree house” in the show.

critic calls out mean treeehouse alliance on all stars 3
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“I can’t wait till the treehouse comes crashing down,” another fan said in a popular comment on the IG post.

fan comments on treehouse alliance all stars 3 crashing down
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

However, another individual brought up that the men were doing something similar. In All Stars 3, Episode 5, viewers saw a group of guys, including Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, Wes Bergmann, and MJ Garrett, team up to make sure Mark won the daily challenge and got into The Authority.

fan reacts to the treehouse bikini pic for all stars 3
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Treehouse Alliance has etched its spot in the game, and its members are doing everything they can to ensure its members have a good shot at running in the All Stars 3 final.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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