The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello says ‘very paranoid’ castmate makes her ‘uncomfortable’ 

cara maria sorbello face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Cara Maria Sorbello shared which castmate made her uncomfortable on All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Cara Maria Sorbello respects many of her castmates from The Challenge but shared she is “uncomfortable” around one in particular.

That’s because the two-time champ called her castmate “paranoid” about how she acts when they play a game.

Cara recently appeared in The Challenge: All Stars 4 on Paramount+, where she was a finalist in her full-season return for the competition series’ spinoff show.

Throughout the season, she was mostly alone in the game, with very few allies to work with.

According to Cara, a lot of that may have been due to her castmate Laurel Stucky, who worked to turn castmates against Cara.

Cara didn’t realize what Laurel was doing until she could watch the episodes herself. While Cara no longer wants anything to do with Laurel, she also dislikes being around Laurel’s ex.

Cara calls out ‘paranoid’ and ‘weird’ All Stars 4 castmate

During her recent appearance on the Zach Nichols Podcast, Cara Maria spoke about the All Stars 4 season, including comments about her various castmates. She brought up Nicole Zanatta, who, like Laurel, happens to be one of Zach’s friends.

Nicole is also Laurel’s ex, and during their reunion on All Stars 4, they rekindled their romantic relationship.

Cara said she’s not a big fan of Nicole because of how she acted while filming The Challenge.

“Nicole is the most paranoid, weird a*** person to ever play a game with,” Cara told Zach, adding, “I’m so uncomfortable around her. I’m sorry. I know she’s your girl.”

“She’s so f***ing paranoid,” she explained, mentioning that Nicole gets worried whenever someone might have said something to someone else in the house.

instagram screenshot of clip were cara maria sorbello appeared on the zach nichols podcast
Cara Maria discussed her castmates during the Zach Nichols Podcast. Pic credit: @zachnicholspodcast/Instagram

Cara praised Nicole as a “strong, strong woman,” saying she possesses “so much endurance and so much strength” to play The Challenge.

“I know she’s not the smartest when she goes into puzzles, but she’s a really strong woman, and the fact she plays as scared as she does just doesn’t add up to me, and it makes me very uncomfortable with who she is,” Cara said.

During All Stars 4, Nicole and Cara were at odds several times in the episodes and clearly didn’t get along. Nicole called Cara “selfish” multiple times, and the two almost got into a physical altercation during a daily challenge.

Additionally, while in a showmance with Laurel, Nicole seemingly aided her in pitting others against Cara.

Nicole showed interest in Cara when they were castmates on an earlier MTV season, but Cara turned her down. Nicole developed a relationship with Laurel after their meeting on the show, and it became tumultuous, even carrying over into MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.

An early episode of All Stars 4 showed Laurel talking with Cara as a source of comfort during the game as she dealt with her emotions regarding another showmance with Nicole.

Cara praised two All Stars 4 castmates as ‘confident’ women

While Cara doesn’t seem to like Nicole or how she plays the game, she really respects two of their castmates: Rachel Robinson and Tina Barta.

“I need to play with women who are confident with themselves [and] who know who they are,” Cara explained.

“Rachel is so confident. She knows what she brings to a game,” she said about the fellow two-time champion.

“Even Tina. Like, you don’t look at Tina like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so scared of Tina,’ but Tina is so confident in herself,” Cara said.

“She doesn’t worry if someone else is getting attention. She doesn’t worry if someone else might be a good competitor. She just does her own thing,” she explained about the Road Rules OG.

Based on Tina’s comment on the clip where Cara mentioned her, “Respect is mutual.”

instagram screenshot of tina barta from the challenge responding to cara maria remark on podcast
Pic credit: @zachnicholspodcast/Instagram

Neither Tina nor Rachel reached the All Stars 4 final. Rachel went into elimination against Cara, who won a ninja star-throwing contest. Meanwhile, Tina lost to Kam “Killa Kam” Williams in an elimination event featuring trampolines.

Nicole reached the final with her showmance partner, Laurel. However, during a leg of the final, Nicole was eliminated as one of the worst performers. Laurel became the All Stars 4 winner and $250,000 richer, while Cara finished as the season’s runner-up.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes are available on Paramount+.

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7 days ago

I’m just so happy Nicole went home. She uses people, she’s a cheater and not trustworthy. She used Laurel and cheated on her yet again. Don’t feel sorry for Laurel, she knows who Nicole is and went into another doomed relationship with her..just be glad you weren’t engaged to her and remember how she treated you after she no longer needed you on the challenge allstars 4

Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith
6 days ago

You’re the best Cara, you inspire women everywhere and of all ages. I’m 66 and you’re inspired me. Trust me women want to be like you, they see your heart. Unfortunately we’ve all had friends like Laurel but we learn and move on and become stronger. Don’t dout you, your to strong for that. Besides us old ladies out there need you to keep fighting for us, even though your young your heart shows us never give up no matter age or circumstance. Keep being you. Your loved.

Patricia Huff
Patricia Huff
6 days ago

I love Cara Maria I was rooting for Laurel @ first,because she hadn’t won in a very long time but as the game progressed she became unlikable. Cara would have won if not for all those advantages given to Laurel.

6 days ago

Laurel never should’ve won that final! Way too many advantages! She just got lucky. I hope they put a minimum on advantages next time and then we could see a real final that is interesting.

4 days ago

This might be the single most obviously rigged finish in challenge history. Laurel was so damn scared of a fair fight with Cara that she asked the network to rig the finals just so she could beat her. The worst part is that they said “okay, Sorry Cara but Laurel really wants to win against you, she even begged and cried, so we decided to help her by giving her a bunch of advantages. We still love you though.”
It really is so obvious.

2 days ago

Laura difinetly did not win that challenge honestly. Why in tge world would mtv do eomething like that laura did not have to work for the win it was handed to hrt. She can have her bigbmouth girlfriend she is a dusgusting jealous brat… i dislike. Crybabies like her. Lauta you were once a nice persin but i see you have attached yoursrlf to simeone that is full of hate. You have inherited dime of her bad habits.