The Challenge: We Want OGs spoilers reveal first competitors eliminated from spinoff show

the challenge host tj lavin will host we want ogs
Rumored The Challenge: We Want OGs host TJ Lavin addresses competitors. Pic credit: MTV

With the spinoff show called The Challenge: We Want OGs currently filming, potential spoilers for the show have been arriving online.

There has already been a cast list showing off all of the anticipated male and female OG competitors.

With the season underway, We Want OGs spoilers have also popped up about who has exited the show so far, possibly through elimination events.

First female competitor possibly eliminated from We Want OGs

The rumored cast members for the spinoff show about longtime stars of The Challenge included female competitors such as Aneesa Ferreira, Trishelle Cannatella, Katie Doyle, Beth Stolarczyk, Ruthie Alcaide, and Jemmye Carroll.

Last week, the first male competitor was rumored to have left the show, and now the first female competitor is being rumored to have exited the show. A Venmo forum thread lists Trishelle Cannatella as having possibly been eliminated.

Trishelle rose to fame on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas season and was part of a wild relationship with cast member Steven. She’d appear on four seasons of The Challenge with The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Seasons, and Rivals II.

She never won on any season of the show but made it to the final for Battle of the Seasons in 2002. Her team included other cast members from the two Real World: Vegas seasons, Dustin Zito, Alton Williams, and Nany Gonzalez.

Another male competitor also eliminated

Last week, the forum thread indicated that male competitor Ace Amerson was possibly the first to leave the We Want OGs show. Now a second male competitor has apparently been eliminated.

Based on the thread, former Real World: Hawaii cast member Teck Holmes has exited the OGs spinoff show due to rumored elimination.

Teck only appeared on The Challenge 2000 season of MTV’s reality competition series. According to his Challenge Wiki page, he didn’t reach the final but did take home $6,800.

If correct, then the show’s first episode featured a male elimination.

That was followed by a female elimination in the next episode and then another male elimination. While the order is not confirmed, it could mean the elimination order was Ace, Trishelle, and Teck, but that remains to be seen.

As of this writing, it’s unknown what the show’s format is beyond the fact it brings back some of the longtime competitors from the show’s past and even a few still on the show.

Based on the forum thread, the show is taking place in Argentina.

It’s also unclear what the grand prize will be and how many individuals will get part of that prize.

No details have been given about where the show will land, as there are other options beyond MTV. They include Netflix and CBS All-Access, which becomes Paramount Plus on March 4. Both platforms have older Challenge seasons available for on-demand viewing.

However, it appears TJ Lavin will be the show’s host, which could mean it arrives on MTV after the Double Agents season concludes.

The Challenge: We Want OGs premiere is TBA. The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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