The Challenge: USA, Episode 8 sneak peek reveals secret alliance as game changes

danny mccray in the challenge usa survivor promotional video
Survivor’s Danny McCray during The Challenge: USA promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

In a sneak peek of The Challenge: USA, Episode 8, a brand new alliance is plotting their strategy within the game as two competitors still need to qualify for the final.

Throughout the first seven episodes, there was mostly a “Survivor strong” theme, with the various cast members from Survivor choosing to work together.

Several episodes ago, things got shaken up when Tyson Apostol put one of their own, Sarah Lacina, into elimination. Sarah still managed to win alongside teammate Leo Temory, and they returned to the game.

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However, it led to some frustrated Survivor alliance members, including Ben Driebergen and Sarah, who were furious about their supposed ally’s big move at The Arena.

Luckily for Tyson, he avoided getting tossed into elimination in the sixth episode and then was randomly partnered with Sarah in Episode 7.

For a large portion of the game, a “three-headed monster” existed, including winning players Tyson, Angela Rummans, and Kyland Young.

Kyland got eliminated, and now it looks like a trio of Survivor stars are plotting a new “secret alliance” in Episode 8 of the spinoff.

The Challenge: USA, Episode 8 to feature new alliances?

Hours before the premiere of The Challenge: USA, Episode 8, CBS shared a brand new YouTube clip with some sneak peek footage. In the clip, Ben Driebergen and Danny McCray are chatting about becoming secret allies in the game.

Ben says in a confessional that he became known for “winning” when he was on Survivor and expected to do the same on The Challenge: USA. However, that hasn’t been the case. As it stands, he still has just $1,000 in his bank account.

Like Ben, Danny McCray has yet to win in a daily event or elimination. So his total is sitting at just $1,000. As host TJ Lavin mentioned in the premiere episode, competitors would all begin with $1,000 and needed to reach $5,000 to qualify for the final.

One other Survivor star gets mentioned in the sneak peek: Sarah Lacina. While she won in the Episode 6 elimination with Leo, they only split $3,000 from the team they defeated. That put Sarah at $2,500, only halfway to the required amount.

The footage seems to indicate Ben, Danny, and Sarah will work together. They could become the new “three-headed monster” if they can win some upcoming events.

Check out the sneak peek footage below as Ben and Danny discuss their plans and reveal their reasons for the strategy in confessional interviews.

The Challenge: USA - Independence Day (Sneak Peek)

Twist will change up the game in Episode 8

The Challenge: USA, Episode 7 ended on a cliffhanger as host TJ Lavin was ready to start up The Algorithm and reveal the new pairs of teammates. However, he stopped the proceedings and said it was time to change things up a bit.

When Episode 8 arrives, viewers will learn what the new change is for the game. TJ may reveal that everyone’s competing as individuals now or break them into two teams of seven competitors each.

The format could shift to what viewers have seen in recent All Stars seasons, where the best-performing man and woman in the daily challenge will decide who sent put into elimination. It’s also possible that everyone will get to vote as a group.

In some of the recent All Stars seasons, the worst-performing man and woman in the daily event got sent into the elimination. There have also been twists where players going into elimination got to call out their opponents, except for the daily challenge winners.

No matter what, The Challenge is known for its twists, so it should be interesting to see what’s in store for these competitors next!

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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