The Challenge: USA, Episode 7 sneak peek reveals hard-hitting event with new teams

domenick abbate in the challenge usa spinoff promo
Survivor star Domenick Abbate will appear in The Challenge: USA, Episode 7. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

In The Challenge: USA, Episode 7, teams will clash in a physical daily challenge for the first time of the season. However, they’ll do some from within some hard-hitting vehicles rather than their bodies.

The latest event will feature Challenge bumper cars as teammates will ride inside the vehicle and navigate a dirt course. Like many other challenges, a twist makes things unique and more difficult.

For this particular daily, the teammate driving the car will be unable to see anything as they’ll have a helmet featuring a blacked-out visor on front.

Their partner will be frantically trying to guide them by shouting out instructions as their teammate does their best to drive while blind.

Based on the sneak peek footage, host TJ Lavin is getting a kick out of this event as he watches the teams crash around on the course.

A preview arrived on social media on Tuesday, which also shows some of the upcoming teams for Episode 7.

Based on the footage above, each team will have four lives, just like in a video game. A graphic on the screen shows that as a team gets hit by another car, it takes away one orange ball of four total. It’s unknown what the overall objective of the event will be, though.

As with previous events, the winning team is safe from elimination, and each competitor banks $5,000. In the case of some individuals, that may officially qualify them to run the final if they haven’t already qualified.

The worst-performing team will go straight into elimination at The Arena and has to win an event there against another team to remain in the game.

Several teams revealed for The Challenge USA, Episode 7

In the video clip above, viewers get an early preview of who some of the teams will be in the CBS spinoff’s seventh episode. Early in the footage, TJ Lavin is yelling to start the daily challenge, and a car is shown with Kyland Young and Kyra Green’s names on it.

Soon after, the footage reveals that Survivor stars Desi Williams and Ben Driebergen are a team, with Ben driving the car as Desi gives instructions. Big Brother stars Enzo Palumbo and Angela Rummans get crashed into, and footage reveals they’ve lost one of their four orange balls or lives in the game.

Other teams revealed in the footage include Justine Ndiba with Danny McCray, Cayla Platt with Domenick Abbate, and David Alexander with Cashay Proudfoot. 

In a humorous moment, Dom says in his confessional that having Cayla as his teammate reminds him of driving back home with his wife in the car. However, he calls her a great partner for this because she’s “clear and concise” in her instructions.

Interestingly, the footage above didn’t reveal who Tyson Apostol gets teamed with for this particular event. He’s won the most daily challenges of any competitor so far. Alyssa Lopez and Sarah Lacina’s partners weren’t revealed, making them possible options.

In the previous episode, Tyson avoided automatically going into an elimination for the first time of the season, as his teammate Kyra Green was sick and feeling physically unable to do much in the daily event. Luckily, they weren’t sent into elimination by the winning team of Desi and David.

12 competitors were eliminated from the spinoff

The Challenge: USA spinoff features contestants from the CBS reality shows Amazing Race, Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor. The theme from the start of the show was how dominant Survivor was as a group, and it seems that has continued.

Heading into Episode 7, Survivor has lost two individuals: Shan Smith and Tasha Fox. Their remaining competitors include top contenders such as Tyson, Sarah Lacina, Ben, Danny McCray, and Desi Williams.

Amazing Race started the show with three competitors, and so far, James Wallington is the only one to have been eliminated. Cayla Platt and Leo Temory remain.

Big Brother has lost numerous individuals, including Season 23 winner Xavier Prather, as well as his castmates Derek Xiao, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell.

Love Island has lost five competitors, the most cast members of any show on the spinoff. The eliminated individuals include Javonny Vega, Cely Vazquez, Cashel Barnett, Cinco Holland, and Shannon St. Clair.

Two more competitors will be ousted from the game at The Arena when Episode 7 arrives on Wednesday, August 17.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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