The Challenge: Turbo Camkiran taunts Ride or Dies castmates, Jordan Wiseley fires back

turbo camkiran in the challenge ride or dies cast photo
Turbo Camkiran took to social media to send a message about some of his castmates. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies featured many personalities arriving to the MTV competition, including several former champions from the series looking to show they were the show’s top star.

Among them were Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, a former War of the Worlds winner, seven-time champion Johnny Bananas, and three-time show winner Jordan Wiseley.

Turbo had drama with castmates in the premiere episode, including a boat ride altercation involving Laurel Stucky and a tense moment at The Zone with Devin Walker. He later had conflicts involving Nany Gonzalez and Bananas.

All that eventually led to Turbo getting sent into the elimination at The Zone, where he and teammate Tamara Alfonso were ousted from the game by rookies Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser.

Following Turbo’s exit, a former rival arrived to the show, as Jordan joined the cast with Ride or Dies partner Aneesa Ferreira.

They didn’t clash during MTV’s The Challenge season, but they may be clashing online based on recent social media posts.

Turbo shades his Ride or Dies castmates

While Turbo is no longer appearing on viewers’ screens for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, he’s still posting about the show as it airs on MTV, including a recent Instagram post he shared.

It features a black and white photo of three giant chickens with Bananas, Jordan, and Devin Walker’s faces on them. Turbo is riding on the back of the chicken with Bananas’ face and pointing forward.

“The Challenge ‘War of the p***y chickens,'” Turbo’s caption says, referring to the term he’s used about Jordan during War of the Worlds and then again in his confessional on Ride or Dies.

Jordan fires back at Turbo’s Ride or Dies jab

After Turbo’s recent post arrived, Jordan posted his own modified image. It featured a Spirit Halloween costume, with a picture of Turbo in a sultan or other leader’s costume, based on a post he shared on his Instagram from Istanbul, Turkey.

The costume title is changed to “Cave B***h,” and the text underneath says it includes a “Tampon, $5 Bath Robe, A Small D**k, and An IQ Score of 3.”

“*Ride or Die Clout Chaser Not Incl*,” the additional fine print text says.

“Congrats king,” Jordan wrote over the slide on his IG Story with a crown and clapping hand emoji. A Challenge fan account reshared Jordan’s slide (below) along with Turbo’s original post.

jordan wiseley ig story screenshot about turbo
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

As mentioned, Jordan and Turbo had a history on The Challenge, but not during Ride or Dies. The two were castmates in the War of the Worlds 2 season, and tempers flared after one daily challenge. Jordan instigated a bit by mocking Turbo’s walking and talking, which set off the WOTW winner.

It resulted in Turbo needing to be restrained due to his seeming intent on fighting Jordan. Turbo was removed from The Challenge house and ultimately kicked off that season due to threatening harm against Jordan and others involved in the production.

However, the Survivor Turkey star returned for Ride or Dies, which had some fans surprised after the previous incidents, and many excited to see what he might do.

Unfortunately, it was a short-lived return due to his clashes with castmates. Turbo and Tamara were sent home in just the second episode of the season at The Zone as castmates helped their rookie opponents during the elimination.

It’s unknown if Turbo will return to The Challenge, but he certainly brought a bit of extra drama to Ride or Dies for his brief time during the season.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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