The Challenge star Nelson Thomas reveals he was ‘rushed to the ER’ due to medical complications

nelson thomas from the challenge season
The Challenge finalist Nelson Thomas revealed he’s been hospitalized over a week with medical complications after his surgery. Pic credit: MTV

It’s been a difficult ride for The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas following a serious car wreck he was involved in over four months ago.

The 34-year-old reality TV star has recently revealed he’s been hospitalized for over a week due to complications from surgeries he’d had for his initial injuries.

Taking to his Instagram on Tuesday, Nelson uploaded the first post he’s shared on the platform since July 13.

He appeared in a video lying in a hospital bed with several wires or tubes connected to his chest area and delivered a difficult update about his progress.

“Here we are again. I feel weird right now. A little heartbroken. Kind of lost for words a little bit, and I realize I’m going through a lot of different mood swings, and my energy’s up and down. As you can see, people, I’m back in the hospital,” Nelson said.

He revealed that he had an infection from the hardware used to repair his injured ankle. Nelson said that led to a buildup of fluid which caused him chest pain and shortness of breath, so he was “rushed back to the ER.”

Nelson gives an emotional update from the hospital

During his video, The Challenge star said he’d been in the hospital since either July 15 or 16 and didn’t quite know what to say at the moment.

He spoke about this being another setback and how the hospital was the last place he wanted to be due to “bad memories” from his previous visits.

“This time, it’s been a little different. Because I really don’t have an answer or any questions,” he said.

“I know this isn’t a step backward, but it feels like it inside,” he said, adding, “I just want to be honest with y’all and very vulnerable and just let y’all know what is going on.”

He said many people are used to seeing him as the guy who’s always smiling and laughing, but “it’s been really hard” for him lately.

Nelson also mentioned that one of his best friends, Challenge castmate Hunter Barfield, recently contacted him and gave him a “one percent” concept to remember during his recovery.

“Every day that you’re in that bed, you gotta wake up and tell yourself, ‘Let’s be one percent better,’ and every day I gotta keep being consistent that that’s gonna grow,” he shared.

Nelson’s castmates from The Challenge provide encouragement

With Nelson’s latest update regarding his hospitalization, several castmates and friends from The Challenge offered encouragement and support in the comments.

“You’re my brother for life!!! 1% better each day man. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers!!!” Hunter wrote.

“Keep your head up nelly. I know it can get discouraging, but you’re strong and you have so many people out here praying for you,” Aneesa Ferreira commented.

The Godfather Mark Long told Nelson, “God tests people in the craziest ways,” and informed him, “You will recover from this, and you will be better.”

the challenge castmates react to nelson thomas hospitalized again
Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Instagram

In addition, Nelson received encouragement from his Ride or Dies castmate, Ravy Rochelle, who told him, “There will be better days!!!”

“Blessing & Prayers to u big dog! U got that fight in u. we all got ya back man,” Syrus Yarbrough commented.

nelson thomas castmates encourage him during hospitalzation
Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Instagram

Nelson was hospitalized after May car wreck

The Challenge star’s return to the hospital is over four months after his serious car accident in Texas. Nelson’s car caught on fire during the wreck, and a group of individuals in an Uber ride spotted the engulfed vehicle.

Among them were NFL player KJ Osborn and some of his friends, who ultimately assisted in pulling Nelson from the burning wreck and waiting at the scene until emergency personnel arrived.

The accident resulted in severe injuries, with Nelson hospitalized and getting surgery, as his ankle seemed to be the most serious. Monsters and Critics reported about his initial hospitalization and Nelson’s return visits since then.

He seemed optimistic upon his release in late May and was ready to work on his rehabilitation. Earlier this month, Nelson shared photos and videos of himself performing rehab exercises, including a shot of himself with family in an outdoor pool and by himself indoors.

Nelson still has an active GoFundMe page that was initially set up by a friend. As of this writing, the campaign has raised over $58,000 of a $200,000 goal to help with his medical bills.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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