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The Challenge star Ashley Mitchell shares sizzling ‘T&A’ bikini pics from Panama City

ashley mitchell at the challenge final reckoning reunion
Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell during The Challenge: Final Reckoning reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell may be away from The Challenge, but the two-time champion continues to live her best life. She’s been known to travel to exotic spots around the globe, likely using some of her winnings took book various trips.

A recent stop included beautiful Panama City, Panama, as Ashley wowed her social media followers with some “T&A” bikini photos taken in a gorgeous location.

She also recently revealed to her fans, friends, and followers that she’d moved out of the United States and is back to posting following a small break from social media.

Ashley Mitchell wows fans with T&A bikini pics

On Saturday, two-time Challenge winner Ashley Mitchell was back with another scorching Instagram post, this time showing off some T&A bikini pics. The 34-year-old posed in a bright pink bikini and gave viewers two different photos, both taken in beautiful Panama City, Panama.

In her first image, Ashley is seated on the edge of a pool, possibly at a hotel or her residence. She poses, dipping her legs and feet in the water as she enjoys the scenery. Behind her is a large skyscraper with windows acting like mirrors as they capture some of the gorgeous blue skies and clouds around the area.

Ashley’s second photo shows off a cheeky view of The Challenge star, as she may have just gone for a swim and is raising herself to pose on the side of the pool. Her tanned and muscular back is also on full display, showing she hasn’t been slouching when it comes to her fitness.

Ashley’s latest photo post from Panama City arrives days after Monsters & Critics reported she’d moved out of the country. She shared those details during a quick video she posted on Instagram, explaining why she’d posted a lot of opinions about recent mass shootings and gun control laws.

“Anyways, for everyone saying, ‘Just move out of the country if I don’t like it,’ I did! I live in Costa Rica. Just a little update,” she shared in her IG Story.

Fans and followers react to Ashley’s T&A pics

While Ashley looks like she hasn’t skipped many days at the gym, her response to a fan’s comment seems to indicate she hasn’t been doing much in the workout department.

“right? I had no idea laying in bed built back muscles! (thanks girl),” she replied to a fan admiring her muscular look in the pool pic.

fan comments on ashley mitchell back in bikini photos
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

Ashley received other comments praising her “gorgeous” look, many of which included emojis to accentuate the point.

fan praises ashley mitchell pool pic
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

“You look great queen!!!!!!!!!!!❤️” another fan commented in admiration of Millionaire Mitchell’s photos.

fan praises ashley mitchell bikini pics
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram

While Ashley last appeared in MTV’s Season 37 of The Challenge, the two-time champ seems to be taking a break from the show, or production didn’t invite her for at least the new season. Based on Season 38 cast spoilers, Ashley isn’t included amongst the veteran cast members, although several other champions are.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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