The Challenge star Amber Borzotra reacts to how castmates treated her boyfriend on Season 39

Amber Borzotra in The Challenge Double Agents
Amber Borzotra was unhappy about how castmates she considered friends targeted her boyfriend on The Challenge 39. Pic credit: MTV

While The Challenge Season 39 doesn’t feature champions competing to win the season, at least one is watching from afar due to her boyfriend’s involvement.

Amber Borzotra, who won The Challenge: Double Agents alongside CT Tamburelllo, is connected with Season 39 cast member Chauncey Palmer.

The latest MTV season, called Battle For a New Champion, involves a theme to determine a first-time champion.

Unfortunately, based on recent spoilers, Chauncey didn’t return home to his girlfriend as a Challenge champion.

And based on Amber’s recent remarks online, she wasn’t too pleased with how some castmates she thought were friends acted towards Chauncey.

She called out those individuals, with Chauncey commenting in a post-episode interview about at least one castmate he doesn’t plan to speak to again.

Amber calls out her Challenge ‘friends’ from Season 39

In Episode 2 of MTV’s Battle For a New Champion, Chauncey became a target in the American alliance. Some castmates called him out for failing during the team mission, and he later talked too much at the deliberation to determine who went into elimination.

In particular, one castmate indicated she held a grudge against Chauncey that carried over from their previous season, Ride or Dies. That was former Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald, who Chauncey said in interviews is someone Amber considered a friend outside of the game.

As the latest episode was arriving on MTV, Amber indicated she would review the footage to see how some of her castmates treated Chauncey.

“Plan on watching #TheChallenge39 tomorrow and can’t wait to see how many of my so called ‘friends’ f***ed over my boyfriend with their lame excuses to send him into elimination,” Amber wrote.

amber borzotra tweets about season 39 of the challenge
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/X

Amber also shared a comment from a fan who expressed their confusion about how the US alliance decided to send one of their own alliance members into the elimination.

Chauncey attempted to eliminate one of the international stars by calling out The Challenge: UK competitor James Lock but ultimately suffered a narrow loss to him in the elimination event.

Still, he revealed in post-episode interviews that he decided to call out James to prove his loyalty to the American alliance. The move didn’t work in Chauncey’s favor, and many fans believed he might have had better success against other competitors.

Chauncey said he won’t speak to his castmate ever again

Michele seems to be the castmate’s name that is coming up quite a bit from Chauncey in his recent interviews, and based on his comments, he doesn’t understand what her grudge against him is.

During his deliberation flub, he began asking some of his Ride or Dies castmates if he’d previously done them wrong. Horacio Gutierrez said yes because Chauncey said his name for an elimination once after he’d said he wouldn’t.

Michele suggested she held a grudge from Season 38 due to “all the s**t” that went down despite her and Jay Starrett protecting Chauncey and his girlfriend Amber for two eliminations.

“You said, ‘I don’t associate with Jay and Michele’s decisions,'” Amber explained, with Jay adding that Chauncey admitted to him this season he didn’t trust him at the start.

In his post-episode interview, Chauncey said he doesn’t think he and Michele will ever speak again in future seasons if he returns.

“I know Michele and Jay still hate me. I thought I was friends with Michele at least. There’s a few people that I probably won’t talk to outside the game again, and even in the game because there’s no reason for me to, such as Michele. I don’t see myself ever talking to her again. I don’t know what I did to her to hurt her, it’s just so crazy,” Chauncey told EW.

Most likely, Chauncey filled Amber in on what went down during his sophomore season, which ended a lot sooner than he might have liked.

As of this writing, Amber has yet to share any additional thoughts about the recent episode featuring her boyfriend’s elimination. Michele hasn’t commented online about what happened either, but she previously teased this would be a messy season of The Challenge for her.

It’s always worth noting that Chauncey left to film The Challenge 39 just two days after his and Amber’s first child was born.

The best news for Chauncey is that while he may not have won Battle For a New Champion, he’s still winning at home with his girlfriend Amber and their newborn.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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