The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2 cast member ‘still has nightmares’ over daily challenge and elimination

jodi weatherton and darrell taylor in the challenge all stars 2
The Challenge: All Stars 2’s Jodi Weatherton and Darrell Taylor watch competitors attempt a daily mission. Pic credit: Paramount+

In The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 9, several competitors made a costly mistake during the daily challenge, which ultimately resulted in them going to the Arena.

One of the teammates in the situation recently revealed that daily challenge and then elimination event later still gives them nightmares to this day, as they’re not fully over it.

This article will contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 2 through Episode 9, including daily challenge results and elimination winners.

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Team made costly mistakes in All Stars 2 event

Team Brodi, consisting of Brad Fiorenza and Jodi Weatherton, was looking like the team to beat as the final got even closer in All Stars 2, Episode 9. However, a daily challenge brought some complications their way.

During Make the Connection, the duo struggled with part of the event, which involved untying knotted ropes to open boxes and retrieve keys inside them while on top of moving semi-trucks. At one point, Brad decided to use muscle to rip the boxes open so he could retrieve the keys.

A clip below shows Brad as he uses his “Hulk smash” technique to get his team the win. Unfortunately, time would end up running out on him and Jodi in the event before they could complete it.

Worse than that, host TJ Lavin later revealed that Brad ripping those boxes open was against the rules, and so, therefore, they were disqualified. With that, Brad and Jodi automatically went into elimination.

They’d go up against Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casaneve in a Smash House event, which actually allowed Brad to use his “Hulk smash” powers to break apart various furniture and objects in a room. Unfortunately, Darrell and Janelle performed slightly better, with two pounds more weight in their container at the end of 10 minutes.

That meant Brad and Jodi lost, ending their All Stars 2 season. It was undoubtedly a disappointing moment for both of these solid competitors and their fans.

OG comments about Episode 9 ‘nightmares’

In a recent social media video on Instagram, Jodi Weatherton spoke about The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 9. While she knows what happened, she admitted she hadn’t watched it yet and isn’t sure if she ever will.

She shared her thoughts about the episode in her Instagram video, indicating it was early morning in Germany, where she lives.

“I couldn’t even watch the episode last night, guys. I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to. I’m 100 percent not over it. I still have nightmares about it. I still think about that elimination and that challenge all the time,” Jodi shared.

“I think about the questions I could have asked about the knots. TJ did not state that the knots were something you had to untie before the challenge started. That was something they must have filmed after because I’m not that big of an idiot to have missed that. I just was a big enough of an idiot to not figure out that I had to untie them when I got there and saw them,” she added.

“It’s painful. It really is. I’m not saying if I made it to the final, I would’ve won, but I just wish that I had gotten a chance to get there because I really wanted it like more than you guys could ever even imagine,” Jodi added.

Jodi went on to say in her video that she’s still not over it and thinks about it “more than is healthy.”

“Thanks for the support that a lot of you have put out there for Team Brodi and for me. I really do appreciate it,” Jodi said to end her video.

Jodi was making her return for The Challenge: All Stars 2 after last appearing in MTV’s The Duel in 2006. That was also Jodi’s second career win, as she previously captured the championship on The Gauntlet 2. Overall, the two-time champ has banked $176,666 in prize money, per her Challenge Fandom Wiki page.

Her teammate, Brad Fiorenza, also spoke about what happened in the Episode 9 challenge, revealing he’d suffered an injury ahead of the event and also felt production didn’t clearly explain the rules of how to get the boxes open before they attempted the event.

It’s uncertain if the future holds another All Stars appearance for Team Brodi. Still, one would think if these two elite competitors return for another spinoff season, they’d be amongst the biggest threats to other cast members.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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