The Challenge Season 39: Nurys Mateo says showmance Horacio Gutierrez ‘doesn’t listen’ and ‘stresses her out’

nurys mateo from the challenge season 39 on mtv
The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo explained why Horacio stresses her out. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion has introduced fans to a favorite new showmance with castmates Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez.

They both appeared on Ride or Dies, but each had different interests in the house, as Nurys explored showmances with Johnny Middlebrooks and Jordan Wiseley.

Horacio had a brief showmance with Laurel Stucky. He later turned his focus to the game, as he and his rookie teammate, Olivia Kaiser, survived multiple eliminations and reached the final.

It wasn’t until Season 39 that Nurys turned her attention to Horacio, and the two had sparks.

Viewers witnessed an emotional Episode 16 for Nurys as she got a bittersweet elimination victory by defeating her man Horacio and friend Kyland Young.

Like many couples, Nurys recently explained that Horacio doesn’t listen to her, but regarding an important aspect of relationships and the game.

Nurys dishes on Horacio after Season 39: ‘He stresses me out’

Nurys and Horacio recently appeared on the Zach Nichols Podcast, where they spoke about Season 39, their enemies, friends, and showmance.

At one point, Zach’s co-host Pierre mentioned how James Lock was basically a “puppet” for Moriah Jadea during their Season 39 showmance. Pierre then asked if Horacio would do whatever Nurys wanted if they were still together in a future season of The Challenge.

“He doesn’t listen to me,” Nurys said, adding, “He stresses me out.”

Horacio explained that he told Nurys, “If we get a callback, you’re gonna play your game, and I’m gonna play my game.

He said that if someone wanted to save her and not him, he’d be okay with that move, but indicated Nurys was getting mad at him for that.

“She wants you to play the game,” Zach told Horacio, and Nurys responded, “Yes, thank you.”


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“I’m biased because I’ve grown up watching this show. You have to play the game. It doesn’t matter how good of a competitor you are,” Nurys said.

She explained that Horacio’s strategy is to prove himself with his athletic ability, but she told him the people going after him would probably have his back if he “played the game.”

In Season 39, Horacio found himself on the opposite side of the large alliance that Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett controlled. It ultimately led to him getting put into three eliminations as he was unwilling to work with them and simply wanted to compete.

Nurys wants Horacio to be more like CT and Bananas

During their podcast appearance, former show winner Zach said he “hated that part” of The Challenge but realized he had to “play the game” by talking to people, making connections, and forming alliances.

“You gotta make certain deals, and you gotta break certain deals. It’s part of the game,” Zach told Horacio, adding, “After you get sent home a few more times, I think you’ll change your mind.

Zach also said Horacio needed to use his “intimidation factor” to his advantage so people wouldn’t want to see him in eliminations.

“Why do you think me and CT [Tamburello] never saw elimination rounds?” Zach asked.

“I was just saying the same thing. Why do you think CT, Jordan [Wiseley], Johnny Bananas- if not make it to the final, make it close to the final, because people are scared of them, and they make the right deals, and they make the right connections,” Nurys said.

The three competitors Nurys named have won MTV’s The Challenge a combined 15 times. Jordan also added a big win on The Challenge: World Championship, a spinoff of MTV’s show.

While Nurys might be stressed out over Horacio’s gameplay on The Challenge, she seems content with him otherwise. The Challenge’s newest couple is still dating and seems interested in advancing things with their relationship.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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