The Challenge Season 39: Melissa Reeves said she’s been ‘saving some truths’ about castmates for reunion

melissa reeves in the challenge season 39 episoode 6
Melissa Reeves wasn’t happy with several castmates after she got sabotaged in a daily challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Former The Challenge finalist Melissa Reeves wasn’t happy about several castmates following a sabotage plan against her in MTV’s Battle For a New Champion.

Viewers saw competitors battling for numbered balls in a mud pit, and several individuals worked together to ensure Melissa’s team couldn’t win.

During one incident, Melissa and Nurys Mateo were involved in dirty and extra physical play in the mud pit, leading to several arguments between them in the episode.

As Melissa was able to watch the recent episode of MTV’s competition series, she learned about remarks castmates made that she didn’t know they made during filming- until now.

That included returning competitor Ed Eason, who debuted on The Circle and then appeared as a rookie in MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies season.

Following the episode’s airing, Melissa took to social media to address Ed, even suggesting she had some gossip about him that could hurt his relationship off the show.

Melissa calls out Ed after daily challenge sabotage

In a message on social media, Melissa indicated she was “pissed at Nurys” for the mud fight, but in reality, she should’ve been more upset at Ed.

“I’ve been saving some home truths for the reunion but lack of his personality and air time he is not invited. Lucky for his relationship,” Melissa said.

That prompted a response from Ed, who claimed Melissa shouldn’t be upset with him so much.

“your whole team was working against you on that one. I was just reinforcing the plan that the other 20 of us came up with,” he wrote.

What did Ed say about Melissa in Episode 6?

For Season 39, Episode 6, the competitors were split into three teams for a daily challenge called Bingo Bango. It was a physical event with three individuals, one from each team, battling over a numbered ball in a mud pit during each round.

The goal was to grab numbers to complete a BINGO on the giant board. The winning team got to choose one woman who would be up for possible elimination.

During the event, a plan was hatched by multiple players to make sure Melissa’s team didn’t win the event. That included keeping Melissa down so she couldn’t retrieve a numbered ball from the pit for her team.

At one point in the footage, Ed instructed Nurys, “Go hold her down. Go hold her down,” and told his other teammates that was their plan as they continued playing.

“If we haven’t sent someone in, just hold them down,” Ed said regarding the strategy.

With two teams working against one, the Red Team ultimately won. After some disputes from Kyland Young to not say Melissa’s name, the majority of the team voted on the spot for Melissa to face possible elimination at The Arena.

While Melissa was the Red Team’s choice, the rest of the cast later voted for her friend Tula “Big T” Fazakerley as the other individual up for elimination.

However, the two friends didn’t battle each other at The Arena. Instead, Big T went against two-time Challenge winner Kaz Crossley. Big T defeated The Challenge: UK and World Championship winner to keep the cast’s money intact and remain in the competition.

Based on Melissa’s remarks about Ed, she’s got some serious information that could potentially ruin his relationship. However, she indicated he didn’t receive an invite for a Season 39 reunion, so he got “lucky” she won’t expose him on TV.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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