The Challenge: Sarah Rice gives hilarious reply to Johnny Bananas’ complaint about airline service

johnny bananas during his infamous challenge moment
Johnny Bananas during his infamous moment at The Challenge: Rivals III final. Pic credit: MTV

A reality TV history-making moment never gets old featuring Johnny Bananas and his former teammate Sarah Rice from The Challenge.

The two castmates became rivals, providing a perfect reason to partner them up for MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III season in 2016.

Ultimately they got past their differences and worked effectively throughout the season to reach the final, which they won together.

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However, Sarah, host TJ Lavin, castmates, production, and viewers all watched speechless as Bananas made a shocking decision thanks to a big twist, giving him all the prize money.

That’s still talked about to this day and even recently made it into an episode of MTV’s The Challenge documentary series.

It’s also provided the basis for plenty of jabs and jokes between the two former teammates, including a recent one from Sarah after seeing Bananas’ airline complaint, which mentioned her.

Sarah fires back at Bananas’ airline complaint

Flight delays can be rough as they can also delay one’s busy schedule, force cancelations, and postpone important events. Earlier this week, The Challenge’s Bananas called out American Airlines due to having a “4th flight in a row that has been delayed due to crew mishaps, or mechanical issues.”

“I’ve been an EP with for years, but my loyalty only goes so far (Ask Sarah). Do better or I’m gonna take my money and run,” he wrote in his tweet to the airline.

American Airlines didn’t have the most-Liked reply to his tweet. Instead, Bananas’ former teammate did. Sarah fired off a hilarious response, mentioning how she’s much more loyal and would gladly take some bonus miles.

“Hey American Airlines, Sarah here! I would never turn my back on you, not even for a big pile of cash! Feel free to reward my loyalty with 175K bonus miles (one for each dollar someone took)…DM me for my loyalty number. I have it memorized,” Sarah replied.

Check out their tweets captured by a Challenge superfan account below.

the challenge stars sarah rice and bananas exchange online
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Bananas also received a reply from American Airlines on Twitter about the delay, but he didn’t seem content with what they told him.

“We appreciate your loyalty and know that delays aren’t ideal. We’re working hand in hand with our maintenance team to be airborne at 4:30p,” they tweeted to The Challenge star, with Bananas firing back a sarcastic reply.

american airlines replies to johnny bananas
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

MTV’s docuseries, The Challenge: Untold History, unveiled two episodes this past Wednesday. Episode 4 was The GOATS and focused on the competition show’s all-time greats, which naturally included seven-time champion Bananas.

Part of his segment included that infamous moment that made reality TV history, with a twist where he could claim all of the prize money at the final for himself. He did just that, leaving his teammate for the Rivals III season shocked and penniless.

Unseen footage from Rivals III was part of the segment and featured an emotional Bananas giving a confessional interview in front of a green screen. It had the Rivals III winner talking about making that decision.

“It’s f***ing tough you know…and I just want her to know that this isn’t coming from a place of ill will or revenge. It’s coming from a place where you know that this is just something that I have to do for myself…I don’t know if I’ll ever be presented with an opportunity like this again,” he said during the docuseries footage.

Next up, Bananas will appear as part of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season starting in mid-October. The season’s theme features partners with a strong bond, and Bananas is teammates with his longtime friend and castmate Nany Gonzalez.

Will he take the money from a close friend in the latest season? Viewers will be eager to find out.

The Challenge: Untold History airs Wednesday, October 5, at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on MTV.

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