The Challenge rookie Moriah Jadea shares therapeutic cardio workout

Moriah Jadea shares instagram selfie
Moriah Jadea was among the promising newcomers on The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Instagram

Regarding recent rookies on The Challenge, Moriah Jadea has made a name for herself with a promising debut in the reality competition series.

While Moriah brought no reality TV experience with her, she was among the shining stars in terms of overall value to the show and her competitive abilities.

She arrived at The Challenge alongside teammate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, with the duo gaining power at one point by winning a daily challenge that host TJ Lavin likened to a “mini-final.”

Moriah not only performed well in daily events but also held her own when making moves and assembled a team to compete with Fessy’s team during a midseason twist.

Her athletic ability in the game was likely due to her commitment to working out at the gym ahead of the show, something Fessy is known for due to his background as a college football player.

Moriah recently shared a fun video with her fans on social media showing off one of her favorite “therapeutic” workouts.

Moriah Jadea takes fans rollerblading in video clip

Moriah regularly shares on her social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram, where she reacts to the show, or things cast members from The Challenge say. She recently shared a video on IG showing off her rollerblading workout.

In the video, set to Thomas Rhett’s Make Me Wanna, Moriah straps on a pair of black rollerblades with white frames before going for an outing with a cup in hand.

For her cardio session, she’s donned a plunging dark grey crop top and tiny shorts featuring swirls of grey, black, and white for a unique pattern to match the top.

Moriah kept her dark hair tied back in a ponytail to stay out of her face while rollerblading on the roadway as someone tagged along to film her from different angles. At one point, she takes some sips from her drink and continues to cruise down the road.

Additional footage has her carefully backing down steps with the rollerblades still on and shows her rollerblading from far away or closer up.

“Not only is rollerblading therapeutic but it helps strengthen your stabilizer muscles and improves your balance. 👍🥰 Happy Saturday. Cardio is torture so might as well make it fun 🤩,” Moriah said in her caption.

Moriah shows content from the gym regularly

While there’s no announcement of any returning rookies for The Challenge Season 39 or after that, one has to think Moriah will be getting calls to return to MTV’s series.

She’s shown on social media that she’s continuing to train even while not part of the reality competition series.

In October 2022, Moriah shared a video from the gym as she was using a dumbbell for front presses. In her caption, she indicated she was “finally lifting after 2 months” and attempting to get her abs back.

Moriah also used the hashtag “#accountability” and encouraged everyone to “feel good about ourselves and our bodies.”

Based on a more recent IG post she shared this past December, Moriah looked like she had her abs back or was close to getting to where she wanted to be with her workouts. She took a mirror selfie at the gym in a black crop top with grey leggings to show her progress.

While Moriah may not have won her rookie season, she seemed to get the attention of fans and many castmates, including Johnny Bananas, with whom she had a showmance, and Jordan Wiseley, who praised her debut season.

Most likely, she’ll be one of several rookies returning for The Challenge in the future, and based on her training, she’s preparing to get farther in the game than before.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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