The Challenge: Kayleigh Morris claims the show is ‘rigged for viewers’ as ‘It’s not the Olympics’

kayleigh morris in the challenge final reckoning
The Challenge alum Kayleigh Morris during the Final Reckoning season. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge: USA 2 season airing on CBS, many fans are expressing disbelief over some of the show’s results shown during the episodes.

One contention among fans is the random drawing of names from The Hopper, a device that host TJ Lavin picks a yellow ball from and then announces which cast member is going into the elimination event.

It also includes the lack of showing viewers any timers or clocks on-screen during specific events to prove further who won and who lost.

A super fan recently shared a tweet from another superfan on Twitter asking fans to name some Challenge moments they believed to be rigged.

The IG superfan listed off Da’Vonne Rogers and Amanda Garcia going against Devin Walker and Cory Wharton, as well as Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell’s infamous Final Reckoning win.

While many other fans weighed in on the discussion, Kayleigh Morris, a three-time competitor on MTV’s The Challenge, also claimed the show is “rigged for viewers.”

jaychallenge1 IG post screenshot about challenge being rigged
Screenshot of an IG post asking fans about rigged moments. Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

MTV’s The Challenge alum: ‘I’ve seen the rigging myself’

Kayleigh Morris first appeared in The Challenge Vendettas after participating in Ex on the Beach UK 2. She then returned for Final Reckoning and War of the Worlds 2. In her third season, she was on the verge of reaching a final but purged due to a swimming challenge with teammate Joss Mooney.

She dropped by the Instagram comment section to tell fans that the show is “rigged” and it’s to create entertaining reality television for the fans.

“The Challenge is rigged for viewers entertainment. Plain & simple,” she commented, adding, “It’s not the Olympics. It’s a tv entertaining show. I’ve seen the rigging myself. That’s when u realise don’t matter how hard u train. if it doesn’t fit the story line it doesn’t matter.”

As seen in the screenshot below, former USA Season 1 competitor James Wallington from Amazing Race agreed with clapping hands emojis.

kayleigh morris says show is rigged for entertaining reality tv
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

The latest remarks arrive after Dusty Harris lost a surprising elimination against MTV veteran Wes Bergmann. Throughout the earlier parts of the episode, Wes’ retirement from The Challenge was teased. There were some emotional moments involving the MTV star as he spoke about his wife expecting their first child back home.

Following the aired episode, The Challenge uploaded a video featuring the shocking event, and some fans suggested it was rigged.

The Challenge: USA competitor also made claims about the competition show

James’ castmate, Leo Temory from Amazing Race, called out the show’s production during CBS’ first season of The Challenge: USA. In his remarks, he claimed castmate Ben Driebergen was given a win as part of his story in a particular episode.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Leo commented about Ben’s win in replying to another MTV Challenge star, Jay Starrett, telling him that Ben “didn’t win.”

Jay asked if that was Ben shown “on the daily champs podium” during the episode.

“S***head Justin Booth gave him the win because of the story. I beat everyone by more than 10 secs. That’s what I was told. ?‍”Leo claimed in the comments.

His remarks refer to The Challenge: USA, Episode 8, where Ben won the Having a Blast daily challenge, which involved running down a slipper runway towed behind tugboats. Whichever player had the fastest time in the event was announced as the winner.

After the event concluded, host TJ Lavin revealed that Angela Rummans was the women’s winner and that Ben was the men’s winner by just 10 seconds over Leo.

Like most reality TV shows, The Challenge is edited for time and entertainment, as there is a lot more footage that fans don’t get to see. Unfortunately, some of that unseen footage has stirred up controversy about the show, billed as a reality TV competition, and its various winners.

At the time of this report’s publication, Kayleigh hadn’t responded to Monsters and Critics’ request for additional comments.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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