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The Challenge alum Morgan Willett shares cheeky bikini photo and reveals if she was contacted for Season 38

morgan willett on the challenge war of the worlds
Morgan Willett during The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: MTV

Former The Challenge competitor Morgan Willett recently addressed several common questions she receives regarding MTV’s competition series and her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Bananas.

One of those questions involved whether or not she’d been recently contacted for the show, something Morgan laughed about due to her situation and thoughts on The Challenge.

She also asked fans to quit asking her questions about a specific someone as she is moving on with her life.

Morgan shares new swimsuit photos and bikini video clip

In the past week, Morgan Willett showed off several different swimsuits just in time for the summer season. One of her latest images arrived from Mauna Lani, a Hawaiian Luxury Resort where Morgan recently appeared to have been staying.

In her first photo, she wears a large straw hat to help with the shade and rocks a bright orange swimsuit featuring clever side straps on her shoulders and midsection.

The sixth photo in Morgan’s Instagram post features her rocking a completely different look, with a white one-piece swimsuit and trucker cap. Morgan has her hair braided for a different look, with a beverage in hand.

In other photos or videos in her series, she is hanging out with friends, enjoying a performance by Katy Perry, swimming with Manta rays, and savoring some of the tasty-looking food from the area.

Ahead of the Hawaii content, Morgan shared an IG post about her “must-haves” for a “perfect day” by the pool. They include snacks like chips and salsa, water for staying hydrated, a good book to read, and her Coppertone SPF and self-tanner.

The IG post, which Morgan mentioned was an ad for the all-new Coppertone product, includes a video for Morgan with lotion in hand as she wears a bikini featuring light pink, white, and blues in what looks like a tye-dye style.

Morgan responds to fan questions about The Challenge, Bananas

Along with the above swimsuit posts, Morgan opened up her Instagram Story for fans to ask her whatever they wanted to know. As one might expect, that brought in more than a few Challenge-related questions.

One fan asked Morgan if she got invited to go on The Challenge Season 38, and based on her answer, she’s not getting calls for the show lately, possibly due to her non-interest and drama-free personality.

“I think they realized I’m not interested and I’m not nearly dramatic enough haha,” she replied, adding, “They’d only be interested in some kind of twisted exes season and 1) I would never put myself in a situation like that to negatively affect my mental health 2) the person I’d be attached to has an incredible pull and say in the network and would never allow that to happen.”

She explained she’s excited to cheer on her friends who are on the show. That may include a particular rookie and at least one of the veteran cast members whom Morgan has hung out with in the past few months.

morgan willett instagram story post about season 38
Pic credit: @morganleighwillett/Instagram Story

Morgan also must be fielding numerous questions about the person she’s alluding to above, Johnny Bananas, as she replied to a question about how she handles seeing other people “swoon over” her ex-boyfriend.

While Morgan said she wasn’t going to address the question at first, she added that it took her to a place she was “all too familiar with” and didn’t like it there.

“I’m so tired of people asking me things like this. Please don’t even if you’re curious. It’s not my problem anymore and I finally have the freedom to simply not care and not pay any attention,” she wrote on her IG Story slide.

“Can’t y’all just ask for like links to hair products and makeup instead? Okay rant over haha,” Morgan wrote.

morgan willett reacts to fan questions regarding ex boyfriend
Pic credit: @morganleighwillett/Instagram Story

Morgan, 28, dated Johnny Bananas following her only season of The Challenge, War of the Worlds, filmed in 2018. She and Bananas were teammates briefly, getting eliminated early that season, and then dated for nearly two years.

However, after cheating rumors involving Bananas arrived, things fell apart, and Morgan broke things off with the reality TV star.

Based on her recent posts and Instagram Story answers, she’s moved on from that chapter of her life, which may mean no more contact with Bananas or appearances on MTV’s The Challenge.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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