The Challenge alum Angela Babicz wows fans with black lingerie

the challenge alum angela babicz during her night routine vlog
The Challenge alum Angela Babicz appears in a vlog about her nighttime routine. Pic credit: Angela Babicz/YouTube

After a bit of time away, The Challenge competitor Angela Babicz brought her fans and followers another sizzling photo share on Wednesday, posing in sleek black pajamas.

Angela, who previously appeared on the reality TV show Bad Girls Club, shared her latest image from New York, revealing she may be back home after a recent trip to London, England.

Earlier this month, the Final Reckoning star had shared a startling encounter she had in NYC with a man she said was harassing her as she was attempting to cross the street. Angela shared the post as a PSA for others, with the incident happening ahead of her taking off for the UK.

Now she may have returned to the tri-state area, as she’s back to sharing her favorite looks from one of her favorite brands.

Angela shows off black lingerie from Fashion Nova

With her first Instagram post in nearly two weeks, Angela decided to heat up the Gram by posing in black lingerie pajamas from Fashion Nova.

Angela models Flirty Cuddles Ribbed Lace 2 set from Fashion Nova. In the photo, she sits on the floor with her long hair tossed over her shoulder, showing a cheeky view, leaning over as one hand is resting on the floor.

The photo is tagged with Manhattan, New York, as the location, likely indicating the reality TV star is back after taking a trip to London.

“Come through and chill 🖤,” Angela wrote in a provocative caption.

Her previous Instagram share came on April 16 from London, as she posed in beige pants and a white top with her hair up and some sleek shades on. Angela credited Fashion Nova for this look too, which could indicate a sponsorship deal, or she’s interested in some more items to try out.

She’s a big fan of Fashion Nova, as she’s previously shared try-on hauls on her YouTube channel, including a Halloween costume haul last year featuring a variety of different looks, with some inspired by popular Disney characters.

Fans show Angela admiration for latest photo

So far, Angela has wowed fans and followers, as she’s generated over 16,000 Likes and 170 comments on her newest Instagram photo. Many fans praised her look in the black lingerie, leaving fire, hearts, and other emojis.

“OMG U LOOK GOOD ANGELA 😍🔥,” a fan commented in appreciation of her latest picture.

fan praises angela babicz lingerie look
Pic credit: @angelababicz/Instagram

“Sis, go off 👏🏼 absolutely gorgeous! 😍,” another fan wrote in the comments.

fan reacts to angela babicz lingerie
Pic credit: @angelababicz/Instagram

Another fan mentioned how Angela is missed on television, and she “better be training.”

fan alludes to angela babicz return to the challenge
Pic credit: @angelababicz/Instagram

While it would be great to see Angela back on The Challenge, it could be far from her mind when it comes to staying in shape. She previously shared a YouTube video in which she spoke about her experience on the show. While she didn’t hate it, she wasn’t too fond of the overall situation.

While Angela may not make a surprise return to MTV’s show, there have been other murmurs of a former finalist returning to the show and the previous talk from Johnny Bananas about making his return to try to win his eighth championship.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount+.

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