The Challenge: All Stars 4, Episode 11 featured shocking announcement for cast members

laurel stucky face shot from the challenge all stars 4 episode 11
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky at the daily challenge on All Stars 4, Episode 11. Pic credit: Paramount+

Competitors faced a difficult situation on The Challenge: All Stars 4, Episode 11.

At the start of the season, host TJ Lavin revealed that competitors needed to earn a Star.

In the first daily challenge, TJ indicated that Stars went to the three male and three female competitors who performed the best.

After that, they could only be acquired or given to a castmate by winning an elimination. TJ continually delivered the point of having a Star to cast members throughout the episodes.

During Episode 10, viewers saw Steve Meinke win an elimination against Jay Gotti, who chose to go into the elimination to try to win his Star.

With the win, Steve chose to take a star from castmate Adam Larson and give it to Ace Amerson. That set things up for an exciting situation when Episode 11 arrived.

TJ made a big announcement to All Stars 4 cast members in Episode 11

At the start of Episode 11, various All Stars 4 cast members discussed the Star situation. The only six individuals with Stars were Leroy Garrett, Steve, Ace, Cara Maria Sorbello, Nicole Zanatta, and Veronica Portillo.

With that in mind, it meant several other competitors needed Stars, including Adam, Ryan Kehoe, Derek Chavez, Averey Tressler, Laurel Stucky, and Flora Alekseyeva.

Individuals were nervous, and rightfully so. As they showed up to see a smiling TJ at their next daily challenge, he reminded them how often he’d told them they needed a Star.

He told Steve, Veronica, Leroy, Nicole, Cara, and Ace they were all qualified to compete in the final and didn’t need to participate in the daily challenge. That brought cheers of excitement from those six individuals.

However, that meant the rest of the cast had some work to do to make it to the final.

Episode 11 featured a purge situation for other cast members

After TJ told the qualified Star holders they could take the daily challenge off and relax by the camper, he informed the rest of their castmates about their final chance to get a Star.

The Challenge host said he had two more Stars to give out. The top man and top woman in the daily challenge would receive those. However, the other cast members would automatically get cut and sent home.

They competed in an event called Star Born. For the first part of their daily challenge, competitors raced through a forest to a giant tree with a raft hanging from it. They each needed to untangle a raft and use it to paddle out to a floating star in the water.

Underneath the star were keys that competitors had to retrieve and then paddle back to shore. From there, competitors used their keys to unlock a large trough, which they’d open, jump into, and search through the gunk to find a Star.

TJ said the first man and woman to find their Stars in the troughs would qualify for the final, and the rest were officially out of the game.

Before the event started, Flora said she was physically hurting to the point that she could not compete in the daily challenge. Castmates hugged her goodbye, and she shared in a confessional interview that she had “the most amazing experience.” That left only Laurel and Averey as the women competing for a Star.

When all was said and done, the purge yielded Derek and Laurel as the best-performing competitors since each found their Stars first. Sadly, Adam, Averey, and Ryan had to bid farewell just ahead of the final.

Of those competitors, Adam expressed resentment towards Steve earlier in the episode because he took away the Star he’d earned through an elimination win over Brad Fiorenza.

“I want to get even more than I want to win,” Adam said ahead of the daily challenge, adding, “I want to destroy that clown.”

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