The best 90 Day Fiance merch available on Etsy

Rose on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC
Rose Vega during the famous “I like the view” scene on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance has won the hearts of millions of fans with its relentless quest to bring viewers the wildest, craziest, and most dramatic moments on TV.

The reality show debuted six years ago and has since spawned many spinoffs. Viewers were fascinated by the antics of the crazy cast that TLC managed to track down.

The winning combination of drama, humor, and schadenfreude has proven a hit, and fans can now buy a myriad of 90 Day Fiance-themed gifts for their loved ones (or themselves).

Here are the best:

The “I can tote it” tote

The "I can tote it" tote. Pic credit: RealiTeaSupplyCo / Etsy
The “I can tote it” tote. Pic credit: RealiTeaSupplyCo/Etsy

Angela Deem starred on 90 Day Fiance, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

Angela’s made-for-TV personality shocked and amused fans, and she is one of the most quotable cast members in the franchise’s history.

Perhaps her most famous quote came during a very serious conversation Angela, 55, had with her daughter Skyla.

Angela’s now-husband Michael is more than 20 years younger than she is, and he wants a biological child. Due to Angela’s age, it’s almost certainly impossible for the two to conceive naturally, so Angela went to a fertility doctor.

The doctor told Angela that while her uterus was healthy and she would likely be able to carry a child, she had no eggs and therefore wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally or through IVF. She would need a donor to have a baby.

Angela explained this all to Skyla in perhaps the most quoted moment of the whole series: “I can tote it, I just need your egg.”

And now, you too can tote things (but hopefully not babies) in this “I can tote it, I just need your egg” tote bag from Realitea Supply Co.

The red bag for your MAKEUP

The Anfisa-inspired red bag. Pic credit: MoreBiggy / Etsy
The Anfisa-inspired red bag. Pic credit: MoreBiggy/Etsy

Another memorable moment in 90 Day Fiance history came when Anfisa Nava had one of her infamous fights with her now-ex-husband Jorge.

Right before they set off for Anfisa’s green card interview, the pair got into a fight for seemingly no reason at all. Jorge told Anfisa that he was leaving the car to get his wallet, and Anfisa furiously screamed back “Bring me my red bag with my MAKEUP!”

Anfisa is one of the most loved (or maybe hated?) cast members, and the red bag is one of her most famous lines, so this red bag for your makeup is a must-have for any die-hard 90 Day Fiance fan.

90 Day Candle Labels

One of the candle labels. Pic credit: KitschyCandles / Etsy
One of the candle labels. Pic credit: KitschyCandles/Etsy

Candles always make a great gift, and what better present could you give that hard-to-shop-for 90 Day Fiance fan than a candle with one of their favorite reality stars?

Kitschy Candles offers labels to stick on storebought prayer candles. The shop offers labels featuring a variety of 90 Day Fiance stars including Big Ed Brown (whom the label calls “Maestro of Mayo”), Danielle Jbali (“Keeper of Evuhdence), Angela Deem (“Coveter of Eggs”), and Darcey and Stacey Silva (“Sister of Duck Face” and “The Snarky Silva,” respectively).

90 Day Fiance Guess Who?

The classic game Guess Who? gets an update. Pic credit: KitschyCandles / Etsy
The classic game Guess Who? gets an update. Pic credit: KitschyCandles/Etsy

Guess Who? is a classic game most of us remember playing as children, and Kitschy Candles (the same shop that offers the candles above) offers a fun reality TV update.

The 90 Day Fiance Guess Who cards let fans substitute the cards that typically come with a guess who game with stars of the show.

Suggested questions for 90 Day Guess Who include “Does your person live with his mom?” and “Does your person have a $10k face?”

Reviews rave about the cards, saying that they’re both fun and well-made. If you’ve got 90 Day Fiance fan friends, this game would make for an awesome party night.

90 Day Fiance Masks

Masks featuring Asuelu's quotes. Pic credit: KeyLargoStitching/ Etsy
Masks featuring Asuelu’s quotes. Pic credit: KeyLargoStitching/Etsy

Face Masks are a 2020 wardrobe staple, and several Etsy stores have come through with merch that allows 90 Day Fiance fans to flaunt their fan pride.

The two masks in the photo are quotes from Asuelu Pulaa sold by the Etsy shop Key Largo Stitching.

Other Etsy shops offering 90 Day-themed masks include The Ultimate Deal, which sells a mask inspired by Angela’s “I can tote it” quote, and RFMOB, which sells photo-realistic masks of your favorite stars.

The Unofficial 90 Day Cookbook

The 90 Day cookbook. Pic credit: TheFrugalDoodler / Etsy
The 90 Day cookbook. Pic credit: TheFrugalDoodler / Etsy

The Unofficial 90 Day Book of Cookery, brought to you by the Etsy shop The Frugal Doodler, brings “recipes” inspired by the show.

All of the famous food on the show- Pedro’s mom’s chicken feet, Sasha (Larin)’s Non-Crap breakfast- are represented.

There’s also, of course, directions on how to cut a steak inspired by Darcey Silva’s masterful steak-cutting technique.

“Cut the steak, not the narcissist, yourself- on a bias, at a slant. It saves the juice when cut that way. People who have worked in restaurants will tell you this is the correct way to cut a steak,” the book helpfully explains.

The book is a bestseller for the shop, which has over 300 positive reviews, and is available for $9.99. The shop also sells other 90 Day merchandise including magnets, greeting cards, and games.

90 Day Christmas Ornaments

One of the 90 Day Christmas Ornaments. Pic Credit: HeliosPrints/ Etsy
One of the 90 Day Christmas Ornaments. Pic Credit: HeliosPrints/ Etsy

Christmas is right around the corner, and Helios Prints offers a variety of Christmas ornaments for fans who want to adorn their tree with pictures their favorite 90 Day stars.

The selection includes ornaments featuring Danielle Jbali, Big Ed Brown, Larissa Lima, Anfisa Nava, and Brittany and Yazan of The Other Way.

If the 90 Day Fiance tree isn’t enough, the shop also offers mugs, T-Shirts, greeting cards, and its own versions of the I can tote it tote and red bag for makeup.

90 Day Fiance magnets

One of the many magnets available on Etsy. Pic credit: @LoveLuniq / Etsy
One of the many magnets available on Etsy. Pic credit: @LoveLuniq / Etsy

For some 90 Day die-hards, a 90 Day Fiance Christmas tree isn’t enough.

If you’re looking for more opportunities to incorporate your reality  TV obsession into your home decor, perhaps a fridge makeover is in order. Etsy can come through for you with a variety of magnets featuring many different 90 Day Fiance stars.

LoveLuniq, one of the largest shops that sells 90 Day Fiance merch on Etsy, has over 14,000 recorded sales in its 3-year history.

The shop offers a huge variety of 90 Day-themed items including stickers, T-Shirts, mugs, tote bags, and cards. But in our opinion, the magnets are some of the best 90 Day items on the website.

Most of the magnets feature a drawing of a star along with a quote. There’s Asuelu with “Don’t scroll your eyes at me,” Andrei with “Your dad’s going to pay for it,” Anfisa with “Who would want to marry a broke man, really?” and Jihoon with “Very waste money, me.”

And after this list, very waste money, me too.

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