The Bachelor’s Peter Weber: How is he allowed to take time away from Delta? [Spoilers]

The Bachelor
The Bachelor’s Peter Weber gets time off from work. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has signed on to become the next Bachelor for ABC. He started filming the new season just a few months after wrapping up several months of filming The Bachelorette for Hannah B’s season. He was heartbroken when he was dumped, but it seemed like he went back to work with Delta.

During the opening sequence for his season of The Bachelor, fans will see him at the Delta check-in counter at an airport. It’s no secret that he’s employed by Delta, but fans are wondering how he can take off so much time from his job throughout a single year.

First, he took time off to film Hannah’s season for a few months and now, he’s taking off time to film his own season.

This time around, he will film until November and the final proposal in Australia will take place before Thanksgiving. That’s usually how the schedule unfolds.

It’s possible that Peter has an agreement with Delta to take so much time away from his employment. Of course, being on a national television show that has millions of viewers could be seen as marketing for the airline. It’s also possible that he took an extended leave with the approval of his employer, a leave that’s unpaid.

Peter hasn’t been vocal about his agreement with Delta, but it’s also possible that he had saved vacation time and he’s giving up future vacation time to film The Bachelor. Whatever agreement he has in place, it sounds like he has a job to come back to in 2020. No word on whether he would entertain being on Dancing With The Stars or explore other reality show possibilities that may come his way once filming wraps later this year.

The Bachelor returns in January 2020.

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