The Bachelor’s Kelley Flanagan reveals her mother’s car sank into a canal

The Bachelor’s Kelley Flanagan reveals her mom’s car rolled into a canal. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

The Bachelor’s Kelley Flanagan thrilled fans with the saga of her mother’s sinking car after it rolled into a canal.

“Oh my god, this is my car guys,” Kelley’s mother, Connie, said over a video of the car drifting in the canal. “Here’s my car in the canal. Here’s the car with the windshield wipers on. Don’t even ask.”

The accident resulted in helicopters, police officers, firefighters, divers, and a furious Connie Flanagan planning to rescue the car herself.

“If I’m ever dramatic, you know where I get it from,” Kelley joked on a video of her mom screaming as she discovered the submerged car.

Kelley Flanagan’s family reveals what they lost in the accident

Kelley and her brother, Michael, later went live to get the full story from their mother.

“You know, today has been a total s**t show,” Connie said when she came on the Live.

Kelley Flanagan car Instagram post
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Although Connie was upset enough to yell and threaten to jump in after the car earlier in the day, she was ready to laugh about the event with her family during the Live. She even joked she might just get a bicycle going forward instead.

Connie appeared most upset over her husband’s lost handicap sticker, which both the siblings teased her about using.

“Is it true or false that you told dad to try to go in and get the handicapped sticker while the car was going down?” Michael asked.

“He can swim,” Connie responded. “He’s not handicapped with his little feet paddling along.”

Kelley Flanagan’s family explains what happened

Although there is no definite answer on the cause of the accident, the family believes a neighbor forgot to put the car in park after borrowing it.

Michael had a different theory, however, telling his mother she was definitely guilty of something.

“I’m shocked it was able to get through this,” Kelley wrote on her Story, pointing to the dock pilings. “Pilings are what hold a boat to a dock…these things don’t budge in the worst storms.”

Kelley Flanagan Instagram
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

The car is estimated to be at least 15 feet under water at this point, and has been marked with a buoy to make sure no boats will run over the top of it. A tow company with a crane are expected to lift the car out soon.

Luckily, no one was in the car during the incident, but Kelley said divers still legally had to check for bodies in the vehicle. Connie was thrilled, however, when they brought back several brooms and mops she’d been storing in the car.

The car seems past saving at this point, but Kelley and her family at least appear to have gotten a laugh out of the unfortunate incident.

The Bachelor returns on January 31st at 8/7c on ABC.

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