The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard celebrates after receiving paternity test results

Clayton Echard on The Bachelor
Clayton Echard has reason to celebrate. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard is in full celebration mode.

As many The Bachelor fans are aware, Clayton was accused of fathering twins with a woman he barely knew.

Details came out about the claims last month when court documents showed that a social media influencer accused Clayton of getting her pregnant and denying that the unborn twins were his.

Things took a nasty turn when she produced alleged text messages from The Bachelor star that certainly didn’t paint him in a good light.

Clayton claimed innocence, even sharing how he knew he couldn’t possibly be the father of these children, and accused the woman of making similar claims against other men.

Then, Clayton agreed to do a prenatal paternity test to prove that he truly wasn’t the father of these children.

Clayton Echard celebrates after paternity test results come in

On Friday, Clayton shared a video on Instagram; in it, he was grinning from ear to ear. He started by saying, “It’s Friday, and you know what we need on a Friday? We need some good news! And who’s got the good news today? I got the good news!”

What was the good news? Clayton shared that the paternity test results “came back early” and that there was “little to no fetal DNA present.”

Still cheerful, he said, “I knew that was going to happen, and thankfully, five months of torture can finally be put to rest.”

He also added that this would make for two false accusations in two years, noting that that was more than a man needed to bear in one lifetime. The Bachelor alum also made it clear that he’d learned the hard lessons from what happened, so hopefully, Clayton can steer clear of any more paternity drama.

He captioned the celebratory video, writing, “Anybody love some good news on a Friday as much as I do?? If you know what I’m talking about, then here’s the answer you have been wondering about. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just keep scrolling and know that over here, the vibes are immaculate 🙌🙌”

Clayton Echard made drama on his season of The Bachelor too

Clayton Echard is possibly one of the worst Bachelor stars in recent history, as his season of the ABC hit was full of drama and ended without an engagement. And it’s not surprising that happened either after Clayton made some serious mistakes at the end of the season.

He took Rachel Recchia, Gabby WIndey, and Susie Evans to Fantasy Suites in that order. Then, Clayton ended up confessing to all of them either that he was “in love” or “falling in love” with every single one of them. That never has gone well for a Bachelor lead.

To make matters worse, after using the L word so freely, Clayton slept with Rachel and Gabby. He tried the same with Susie, telling her that he loved her, but she was smart about it. Susie told Clayton that she wasn’t ready for all that until she knew where he stood with Rachel and Gabby — and whether they’d been intimate.

That upset Clayton and caused a massive fight with Susie that sent her packing. Then, Clayton told Rachel and Gabby that he was in love and slept with them both — which obviously didn’t go over well.

In another surprise, Susie hadn’t left Iceland, where the finale was filmed. Instead, she and Clayton were brought together for one final rose ceremony, where he confessed his love to her. Susie shut him down and left, leaving both of them single at The Bachelor finale. What a bust!

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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