The Bachelor’s Abigail Heringer shares advice for Daisy Kent as she navigates the show with hearing loss

Abigail Heringr and Daisy Kent selfies
Abigail Heringer was the first hearing-impaired Bachelor cast member and Daisy Kent is the second. Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/daisyykent/Instagram

Abigail Heringer knows what Daisy Kent is going through in The Bachelor mansion.

After all, Abigail was the first hearing-impaired cast member to join Bachelor Nation.

She was cast for Season 25 when she tried to win Matt James’ heart but went home in Week 9.

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Abigail has since returned to Bachelor Nation via Bachelor in Paradise and found love with Noah Erb.

Like Daisy, she also has a cochlear implant.

Also, like Daisy, Abigail has been busy using her Bachelor platform to spread awareness about hearing loss and to be a face for the cause.

Abigail Heringer offers advice for Daisy Kent while she navigates The Bachelor

Abigail is really excited to watch Daisy’s journey on The Bachelor and is cheering her on as she navigates this new life in the public eye amid reality TV fame.

“I was excited to hear that the current season would have more representation for the hearing loss community,” Abigail told PEOPLE as Season 28 of The Bachelor kicked off.

“I know everyone has a different experience with hearing loss and cochlear implants so I’m interested in learning more about Daisy’s story and for the conversations to continue on raising awareness for the deaf community.”

Since Abigail has already been there and done that, she knows how it feels to have a hearing impairment and a cochlear implant in The Bachelor mansion – and she shared some advice for Daisy as she navigates that.

“I know she and I both have cochlear implants but have two very different stories so I’m excited to learn more about her journey with hearing loss,” Abigail explained.

She continued, “The advice I would give her is to enjoy the experience and to know that her journey is hers alone.”

Then, she offered up a warning about the negativity she might face as she continues her reality TV journey.

“People will cast opinions, be ignorant with their comments or project their own experiences onto her and to just remember that everyone’s path is different and to be proud that she’s taken the brave step to put herself out there to share her story, which will help so many people,” Abigail shared.

Daisy Kent says The Bachelor mansion noise is “a little overwhelming’

Daisy Kent already got a taste of life in The Bachelor mansion with a cochlear implant.

The implant helps Daisy to hear, and when she’s in a crowded room with many voices all at once – it can be a lot.

After the Season 28 premiere, Daisy took to Instagram to share the experience, telling her followers she had a hard time following what the women were saying.

She explained that when she’s talking to strangers and isn’t familiar with their facial expressions and gestures yet, the unfamiliarity can make it a little bit difficult to understand them.

She also touched on the amount of noise in the mansion, simply because there are so many other women there, and all of them are chit-chatting at the same time.

She said the noise was “a little bit overwhelming” for her. Hopefully, as the number of women dwindles and she gets better acquainted with them all, it will be easier for her to navigate as the season goes on.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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