The Bachelorette’s Michelle Young joins TikTok and takes on the intuition challenge with Nayte Olukoya

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young
Michelle Young made her first TikTok with Nayte Olukoya. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young is taking on TikTok with fiance Nayte Olukoya by her side.

The former Bachelorette made her TikTok debut with the popular intuition challenge, and things did not go exactly according to plan.

Michelle Young made her TikTok debut with fiance Nayte Olukoya

Michelle posted her first video to the platform showing herself and Nayte sitting side-by-side on a sofa with their eyes closed.

The two participated in the intuition challenge, which is where a pair will close their eyes and flash a number of fingers up on specified beats of the song. The goal is to see if the couple is in sync despite not being able to see one another.

However, while Michelle threw herself into the challenge, her fiance had a slightly different approach to filming the video.

Nayte’s smile got wider and wider as he continuously threw up two fingers every time. Instead of attempting to match Michelle’s guesses, Nayte took the opportunity to flash his signature peace sign for the occasion.

“Should I really have expected anything else from the [peace sign emoji] king himself?” Michelle captioned the video.


Should I really have expected anything else from the✌?king himself? ? #fyp #intuitionchallenge #bachelornation #couplegoals

♬ original sound – Hsubuibui – Hsubuibui

Bachelor Nation fans poked fun at Nayte Olukoya for his first TikTok challenge

Fans of the couple took to the comment section to laugh at Nayte’s antics.

“It took me reading the caption to even notice he only did [peace sign emoji],” one fan wrote.

“Gotta love a man who thinks outside the box,” Michelle wrote back.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/TikTok

“Michelle your a teacher, you should of known he was gonna flash the [peace sign emoji] (aka C on a multiple choice test),” another fan joked.

“My teacher intuition was clearly not on point here,” Michelle said, also poking fun at herself.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/TikTok

Despite the unexpected outcome, both Michelle and Nayte were clearly having fun in their introduction to TikTok as both bobbed their heads along to the song.

Fans also praised the couple’s relationship in the comments.

“You guys are so awesome together.”

“Thank you! I think so too,” Michelle responded.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/TikTok

The Bachelorette alum even teased more content will be coming soon as she responded to a comment about their timeline for new posts.

TikTok comment
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/TikTok

The couple are yet to move in together but appear to still be going strong and enjoying one another’s company in the meantime.

Fans will likely get a chance to interact more closely with the Bachelor Nation star on her new platform as she wrote “treating every follower like family” in her new TikTok bio.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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