The Bachelorette’s Greg Grippo reveals who he hopes is on Bachelor in Paradise for his friends

Greg Grippo
Greg Grippo says who he wants to see on Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

As a front-runner for Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, Greg Grippo shocked Bachelor Nation when he self-eliminated and went home while in the final three.

Greg has recently revealed he is now dating a mystery woman from Paris, so he won’t be making a return to Bachelor viewers’ screen anytime soon.

However, the former contestant did open up about who he would like to see in Bachelor in Paradise for his other Bachelor Nation alumni friends.

Who has Greg Grippo stated would be a good fit for Andrew Spencer on Paradise?

Greg stopped by co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo’s podcast Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation to discuss who he hopes shows up on Bachelor in Paradise for his friends, Andrew Spencer, Justin Glaze, and Mike Planeta.

Greg had someone or a type of woman in mind for each of his three close friends. He stated, “Andrew hasn’t been shy about vocalizing who caught his eye right off the bat. Teddi definitely caught his eye immediately. His attraction with her is there, so I’m excited to see if something sparks in ‘Paradise’ between them.”

He went on to say that once they meet in person, maybe that spark won’t really be there, but he’s excited to find out.

Greg talked about who Justin Glaze might end up with on Paradise

Greg was less sure about who would be a good fit for fellow contestant Justin Glaze, who was also one of Katie Thurston’s finalists.

“For Justin, he’s a different one. He’s a picky guy. I’m really interested to see who Justin might end up with,” Greg said. “It’s definitely gotta be someone with a lot of energy, someone that can match his energy.”

There have been a lot of women on this past season with Clayton Echard who had a great deal of energy, as well as women from past seasons who would fit in this category. Bachelor fans will be watching to see who Justin might potentially hook up with there.

Greg Grippo isn’t sure Mike Planeta would go on Bachelor in Paradise

Greg also talked about Mike, but he was unsure whether his friend would actually want to go on Bachelor in Paradise. Greg declared that Mike had strong morals and values, so unless he saw someone he felt matched that, Greg wasn’t sold that Mike would make an appearance on the show.

To hear the entire episode of Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation and Greg Grippo, click here. The Bachelor in Paradise show will premiere this summer back in Mexico.

Bachelor fans will recognize all four of these men from Katie Thurston’s Season of The Bachelorette.

Greg himself was a fan-favorite, but he self-eliminated after coming to believe that Katie had stronger feelings for Blake Moynes.

Even though he felt a strong connection with Katie and wanted things to work out with them, he just didn’t feel like she was mutually there with him.

The decision appears to be working out for the former contestant, who is now happily in a relationship and cheering on his single friends.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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