The Bachelorette viewers think Michelle Young is ignoring Nayte Olukoya’s red flags

Nayte Olukoya in white
Nayte Olukoya makes fans skeptical about if he’s truly ready for an engagement. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young is down to her final two men and one of them includes the receiver of her first impression rose, Nayte Olukoya. 

Nayte has been one of Michelle’s top contenders from day one and after their recent fantasy suite date, Michelle professed that she’s in love with him.

While Nayte also shared that he’s in love with Michelle, The Bachelorette viewers found his declaration of love to be fishy and many voiced their skepticism about Nayte on social media. 

The Bachelorette viewers call out Nayte Olukoya’s red flags 

Nayte and Michelle had yet another date on the water before staying overnight together in the fantasy suite. 

While the two felt the date went well and seemed giddy about their romance, The Bachelorette fans couldn’t help but worry that Nayte is not nearly as ready for a committed relationship as he thinks. 

One fan felt Nayte’s smugness during the date was a red flag and suggested Nayte may be scamming Michelle when they tweeted, “Did u see Nayte’s smirk? No way would I marry a man who felt like he’d just pulled off the greatest scam. Sorry Nayte. That was a huge red flag. He’s handsome but so what.”

Fan's tweet
Pic credit: @trippjuliagmai2/Twitter

A fan explained that they think Michelle is so infatuated with Nayte that she’s missing out on the men that may actually be more serious about her. The fan wrote, “She’s so set on Nayte. Another bachelorette missing on the guy that actually loves her. No wonder these relationships never last!” 

Another viewer of The Bachelorette echoed those sentiments, tweeting, “I love Nayte, but Michelle is ignoring all the red flags hunny. This isn’t going to end well…” 

Did Michelle coerce Nayte into professing his love? 

Along with thinking Nayte isn’t ready for a serious commitment, The Bachelorette viewers pointed out how it felt like Nayte only declared his love for Michelle because he was pushed and felt he had to during their dinner date. After all, it was Michelle who had to ask him what stage of love he’s in rather than him offering up an answer on his own. 

One viewer wrote, “Is it me or did Michelle had to pry those feelings out of Nayte instead of him expressing them naturally?”

Another fan wrote out what they think was going through Nayte’s head when he shared he’s ready to be in love and get engaged, tweeting, “After 20 minutes of you asking if I’m ready for love and an engagement I guess I will give you the answer you’re looking for.” 

Finally, a fan tweeted their objection to Nayte’s love confession, writing, “Objection! This love confession was coerced, your honor – defense moves to strike from the record.”

While Nayte certainly seems to be really into Michelle and has shown some positive qualities that have made fans love him, time will tell if he’s fully ready to go forward with an engagement and build a healthy lasting relationship with Michelle. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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2 years ago

She picks him in the end so it doesn’t really matter. I guess she will figure it out down the road.

2 years ago

She may pick him and get the ring but he will dump her or she’ll see the sham and it’ll be another Bachelorette bomb.